February 4, 2022

We now come to album number five by the Italian melodic rock band Edge Of Forever which was formed back in 2003 but significant line-up changes over the year’s means that the only remaining original member is Alessandro Del Vecchio, a musician who has truly carved his name in the rock firmament! Del Vecchio has always been the heart and soul of the band so as long as he remains then the heart will continue to beat in this truly exceptional hard but melodic rock band.

The current line-up sees Alessandro Del Vecchio on vocals and keyboards with Aldo Lonobile on guitar, Nik Mazzucconi on bass and Marco di Salvia on drums and it is the same team that brought us 2019’s Native Soul and last year’s Live Studio Session album so they are again getting some consistency back in the band. For me, Native Soul saw the band take a huge stride forward in quality but there was a gap of some 9 years since 2019’s comeback album and the previous record Another Paradise from 2010 so, effectively, it could almost be considered as a new band and very much something of a supergroup.

Obviously, Del Vecchio is a much respected and admired musician and has worked with literally hundreds of bands with Nik Mazzucconi being a member of Labyrinth, Aldo Lonobile from Secret Sphere and drummer Marco Di Salvia of Hardline so all have a rich musical heritage from truly premier rock bands. Del Vecchio again writes all of the material and what a master song writer he is too but Marco di Salvia gets involved in the writing process too on the 4-part closing track Seminole which is a real 10-minute tour de force and shows just how talented this band is. Indeed, Edge Of Forever is a little heavier than the last album and sees the band very much in Journey meets Rainbow mode. Aldo Lonobile is amazing on guitar as he lays down his usual killer solos and combines perfectly with the fluid keyboards of Del Vecchio as they continue to develop their relationship that surely must be modelled on Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore. Check out Wrong Dimension to see the perfect example of this as the band flirts with the sound of Purple/Rainbow with a song that is very similar in style and composition to Rainbow’s Gates Of Babylon.

We all know about Del Vecchio’s keyboard skill but you simply must check out his vocals too as he has an incredible rock voice full of power and emotion and I would suggest Seminole sees him give his finest singing performance yet. The album is suffused with stunning individual skill, stupendous musical passages and wonderful vocal harmonies allied with sweeping choruses to make an album that simply blows you away. Again, there is a flavour of Native American culture to the album and in the lyrics helping to make Seminole a real life affirming affair.

Epic is an often overused word but it very much applies to this new album as the band is very much at the pinnacle of their profession and everyone involved has definitely brought their A game to the proceedings so what you have here is a virtually perfect classic hard rock album that everyone should have in their collection.


  1. Get Up Your Feet Again (4:23)
  2. On The Other Side Of Pain (3:55)
  3. Made It Through (4:45)
  4. Shift The Paradigm (4:00)
  5. Another Salvation (3:58)
  6. Breath Of Life (4:07)
  7. Wrong Dimension (8:06)
  8. Our Battle Rages On (3:27)
  9. Seminole Pt.1 In The Land Of The Seminole (2:05)
  10. Seminole Pt.2 Mistake Reality (2:54)
  11. Seminole Pt.3 Rewrite The Story (3:51)
  12. Seminole Pt.4 The End’s Starting To Begin (1:41)