March 21, 2022

Following on rapidly from the release of Edge Of Forever’s fifth album, Seminole, is this 3 CD set which features the band’s first three albums which have all been remastered and features a couple of bonus tracks too. In a nice move, each album has also been individually released which means that you can pick and choose which is especially useful if you already have any of the original releases of the albums.

Edge Of Forever is an Italian melodic rock band which formed in 2003 by the mercurial multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Del Vecchio and he now remains as the only original member of the band that recorded the debut Feeding The Fire in 2004. Seminole and 2019’s Native Soul both feature Alessandro Del Vecchio on vocals and keyboards with Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere) on guitar, Nik Mazzucconi (Labyrinth) on bass and Marco di Salvia (Hardline) and are truly exceptional hard but melodic rock albums and show Edge Of Forever as a premier quality band but much of the hard work to get the group where it is today was done on those first three recordings and even through there is a gap of 9 years between albums number three and four and quite different line-ups you can still tell that they are related and show a progression throughout the band’s career.

The first two albums featured the same team of musicians with Bob Harris (ex-Axe) on vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio on Keyboards/,backing vocals, Matteo Carnio on guitar, Christian Grillo on bass and Francesco Jovino on drums with a Jeff Scott Soto adding backing vocals on the song Prisoner. Feeding The Fire was a very confident album which was beautifully recorded and performed by a team of great musicians and built up a solid platform for Let The Demon Rock ‘N’ Roll which followed on a year later with the band building upon the hard work of the debut and, if anything, the second album was a touch more refined and a classier affair altogether as the band brought in some super slick sounds born out of American melodic rock. Both albums featured some neat interplay between guitar and keyboards with Bob Harris being a very adept and capable frontman for the band.

It was to be four years later that album number three came out with Another Paradise being released in 2009 and this is where the real changes began with Harris leaving the band and Del Vecchio taking over vocal duties as well as still supplying his usual lush trademark keyboards. Francesco Jovino remained on drums and percussion with Walter Caliaro on guitar and Nik Mazzucconi (Labyrinth) on bass being the new additions to the team and what a difference the new line-up made as the band reverted to a harder sound that was more metal whilst still retaining the melodic underbelly. Del Vecchio has a wonderfully strong hard rock voice and the more direct guitar work of Caliaro helped to make Another Paradise a truly great rock and roll album and really the pick of the three albums in this set.

All have a clearer sound thanks to the remastering job that Del Vecchio has done and a re-evaluation of the fine three albums that Edge of Forever began its career with is well overdue. Each album features an new bonus track and it would have been nice if a few more undiscovered gems could have been found but let’s not get too greedy as the three new songs are all fully formed and not the half constructed demos that you often get.

The band has five high quality melodic rock albums in its portfolio and all, crucially have that vital American sound that all the great AOR bands have and if you think the Italians are not at the top table when it comes to melodic rock then check out this well packaged release to be well and truly surprised. Also, watch out for the surprise on Another Paradise with the band playing a cover of What A Feeling, the Irene Cara theme song from Flashdance, a great if unexpected cover!

The Days Of Future Past – The Remasters

CD1 – Feeding The Fire (2004)

  1. Feeding The Fire (4:30)
  2. Birth Of The Sun (4:16)
  3. Prisoner (ft Jeff Scott Soto) (5:34)
  4. Whatever Comes (3:05)
  5. Mother Of Darkness (7:15)
  6. Bloodsucker (4:50)
  7. The Road We Walked On (6:00)
  8. Dance Into The Fire (5:09)
  9. Gates Of Hell (5:01)
  10. I Won’t Be A Fool No More (4:54)
  11. Snake Eyes (Bonus Track) (4:56)

CD2 – Let The Demon Rock ‘N’ Roll (2005)

  1. The Machine (4:50)
  2. Shade Of November (4:10)
  3. One Last Surrender (5:43)
  4. Crime Of Passion (3:47)
  5. Let The Demon Rock ‘N’ Roll (5:43)
  6. A Deep Emotion (5:14)
  7. Feel Like Burning (3:20)
  8. Mouth Of Madness (4:02)
  9. In My Eyes (4:31)
  10. Edge Of Forever (6:13)
  11. Devil In You (Bonus Track) (5:06)

CD 3 – Another Paradise (2009)

  1. Distant Voices (5:30)
  2. Another Paradise (4:34)
  3. Lonely (4:26)
  4. Edge Of Life (5:08)
  5. I Won’t Call You (5:41)
  6. My Revenge (3:43)
  7. What I’ve Never Seen (5:51)
  8. What A Feeling (3:55)
  9. Eye Of The Storm (5:28)
  10. Against The Wall (5:50)
  11. She’s The Star I Had Inside (Bonus Track) (4:14)