September 26, 2021

Edge Of Paradise is a heavy rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 2011 by the singer and pianist Margarita Monet and the guitarist Dave Bates. This new album is the bands fourth but second on the Frontiers label and follows on from the perfectly formed Universe in 2019 and is a pleasing combination of heavy and aggressive rock with symphonic, industrial and gothic elements.

There has been major upheaval since the last album with Monet and Bates completely reshaping the band with guitarist David Ruiz, bassist Vanya Kapetanovic and drummer Jimmy Lee leaving to be replaced by the new pairing of Jamie Moreno (drums) and Ricky Bonazza (bass) in the engine room. Ruiz has not been replaced so the band has reverted to just the guitar of Bates and he, again, lays down some stunning riffs and heavy duty guitar breaks but I am a huge fan of twin guitarists and I feel that the band feels just a little lighter without the foil of a second guitar. Having said that, the band only upgraded to twin guitars in 2017 so maybe they feel it was an experiment that they were not so happy with and have simply gone back to basics!

Margarita Monet has something of the sound of Florence Welch (Florence And The Machine) and her ethereal yet, paradoxically, powerful but somewhat fey voice works really well with the hard edged music and this gives the band a sound that is just a little different to all the other female fronted symphonic gothic metal bands around at the moment. The guitar work of Dave Bates is remarkable and is tailored to perfectly suit Monet’s delivery and these two really are the heart and soul of the band.

The album is heavy but contains a plethora of hooks and all build on a melodic frame that makes the album immediately accessible and the more you listen the more you seem to find within the music. The music is frantic, incessant and beautifully written and you are soon drawn into the exclusive and intimate world of the band and once these songs get into your soul then there is truly no escape.

The Unknown track list

  1. Digital Paradise (3:59)
  2. My Method Your Madness (3:34)
  3. Tidal Wave (4:04)
  4. The Unknown (4:14)
  5. Believe (4:01)
  6. False Idols (4:17)
  7. You Touch You Die (4:18)
  8. One Last Time (4:26)
  9. Leaving Earth (4:05)
  10. Bound To The Rhythm (3:59)
  11. My Method Your Madness (Industrial Remix) (bonus track) (5:00)