November 30, 2019

Edge Of Paradise is a new heavy rock band formed in Los Angeles in 2011 by singer and pianist Margarita Monet along with guitarist Dave Bates. They have previously released a couple of independent albums but their new album, Universe, is their first on the Frontiers label and I am sure it will not be their last.

The band has built a reputation for their heavy and aggressive style aligned with symphonic, industrial and gothic elements and they beefed up their sound by adding a second guitarist in 2017. The first thing that hits you is the incessant and churning riffs that make up much of their assault but they temper this with a real flair and an air of melancholy that helps to develop their own, unique sound. Much of this uniqueness is due to the talents of Margarita Monet, a quite exquisite focal point for the band who mixes little girl lost vocals with a sometimes ethereal and then downright dirty approach. She is starting to make a big name for herself as she is just a little bit different to other female singers who front rock bands and it is always the band that stands out that garners the most attention. The twin guitar work of Dave Bates and David Ruiz provides the power and explosive elements with Vanya Kapetanovic (bass) and Jimmy Lee (drums) being the hard working engine that provides such a solid base for them. Universe is one of those albums that simply gets better with each play as you are subtlety drawn into the intricacies of their music and the intoxicating voice of Monet works its spell on you.