January 12, 2022

Edge Of The Blade is a UK melodic/hard rock band with Distant Shores being album number three following on from The Ghosts Of Humans which came out in 2015 and Feels Like Home which was released in 2020.

The band seems to have been together for around 5-years and is made up of a talented team of veterans of the British AOR scene with John Francis formerly with After Hours on vocals, Allan Kelly was the drummer with Shy and he also played guitar and keyboards as well as drums with the band 7HW (Seven Hard Years) and they have now brought in lead guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez for the new album.

The debut back in 2015 saw the band playing much heavier material and comparisons with bands like Alter Bridge were drawn which is no bad sound to have but it seems fans were expecting a softer, more AOR approach and this is what the band delivered with Feels Like Home and has been very much continued with Distant Shores. The musicianship of the band is excellent and it is immediately obvious that they have a wealth of experience given the ease with which they perform and the slickness of their delivery. Kelly has an instantly recognisable voice and is simply perfect for melodic rock with a touch of David Coverdale about his sound and delivery and you are instantly put in mind of the melodic rock masters when you here this as there is a distinct Foreigner and Journey sound to them but delivered with that British directness that bands like Ten and Dare brought to the genre.

There are a couple of power ballads which are thoroughly enjoyable but it is when the band turns up the power that they really come alive and if you are into AOR then there is much here for you to enjoy.

Distant Shores

  1.  Killing Me (2:58)
  2. Feel The Fire (3:25)
  3. Angels Fear To Tread (3:50)
  4. Lonely Too 3:03)
  5. Life Is For Living (3:51)
  6. Love Me Again (3:20)
  7. Wait Forever (3:00)
  8. How Long (5:36)
  9. Back To You (2:50)
  10. It’s The Love (3:13)
  11. Every Beat Of My Heart (5:17)