March 4, 2023

I was mightily impressed by Electric Mob’s debut album Discharge which was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in 2020 and what a killer introduction it was to a tremendously powerful and high intensity hard rock band from Brazil. They are an enthusiastic and full-on rock and roll band with a sound derived from American blues and sleaze rock and play with a confidence and candour that could be arrogance but, in truth, is a result of hard work and 100% confidence in their own abilities. They have that perfect strut and bump and grind of outfits like Skid Row, Motley Crüe and L.A. Guns combined with the punchy and direct hard rock blues of the incredible Vintage Trouble. Incidentally, if you have not come across the music of Vintage Trouble yet then you have a real delight awaiting your inspection!

Electric Mob is another band from Curitiba and feature the simply amazing vocalist Renan Zonta alongside Ben Hur Auwarter on guitar, Yuri Elero on bass and André Leister drums and they combine perfectly to produce a stunning wall of sound over which Zonta prowls like a true rock god as he delivers a vocal masterclass in the same way that Steve Tyler does; trust me this is a band and a singer that is most definitely going to the top. Zonta has a glowing reputation in Brazil having featured on The Voice Brazil and is another artist to use YouTube as a publicity platform and this too has brought him a host of hits. 

2 Make U Cry & Dance picks up where Discharge finished and is another old school classic rock and roll album crammed with hard hitting and upbeat rock tracks that delight on every level with Auwarter showing that he is a guitarist wo lays downs a wonderful array of jaw-dropping riffs and solos. A bit of sleaze, a bit of blues rock and a whole load of fun help to make Electric Mob a force of nature and a band to relish.

If you want your rock and roll to put a spring in your step, a smile on your face and if you enjoy a bit of Aerosmith and the Stones then you most definitely need to check this out this intoxicating album.

2 Make You Cry & Dance

  1. Sun Is Falling Down (3:53)
  2. Will Shine (3:17)
  3. It’s Gonna Hurt (3:19)
  4. By The Name (nanana) (3:44)
  5. Soul Stealer (4:17)
  6. 4 letters (5:17)
  7. Locked n Loaded (3:30)
  8. Saddest Funk Ever (3:49)
  9. Thy Kingdom Come (4:29)
  10. Love Cage (4:16)
  11. Watch Me (I’m Today’s News) (3:48)