February 21, 2020

Formed in 2006 by guitarist Tony Tomasicchio, Elegy Of Madness is another female fronted symphonic metal band with Invisible World being their fourth album to date. Hailing from Taranto in Italy and have gradually been building their reputation and have opened for quite a few big name acts in the last few years. There are so many symphonic metal bands around at the moment with bands like Within Temptation, Delain, Nightwish leading the way but there are so many equally as good in Sirenia, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes plus so many others and I would have to say that Elegy Of Madness are not quite yet ready to match the peerless Within Temptation but they are heading in the right direction and have all the necessary tools at their disposal.

They have tinkered frequently with the composition of the band and maybe this has not helped so let’s hope that the current format can build some stability for the future. Anja Irullo has the necessary vocal talents required to reach the top and she is more than capably supported by Tony Tomasicchio on guitar and sequencer and he does add the occasional growled voice which I could do without but it is not overdone and fits in with the overall sound of the band. For the first time on record, they have a second guitarist in Marco Monno and this helps give the band the required power and Luca Basile seems to have traded his keyboards and is now credited with cello and orchestra whilst Larry Ozen Amati on bass and Francesco Paolo Caputo on drums provide a powerful engine room.

Elegy Of Madness has captured that huge and epic sound required in symphonic metal and merged melody with power and the delicate with the bombastic. Great riffs and a superbly moving vocalist, there is much here to enjoy in the excellent new album from a band still learning but it most certainly will not be long before they can stand alongside the masters of the genre.