January 30, 2022

I’m not sure if Elf Queen is an actual band or a project to showcase the talents of the two musicians involved but there is more than enough talent here to warrant the act being accorded true band status and to commission further albums.

Elf Queen is a symphonic/Goth metal outfit from the United States based around the thrilling vocals of an artist simply known as Kelsey and she is a woman with enough talent and a sumptuous delivery to guarantee a long and successful business in metal. The music, in the main, is from a character known as Uncle Hauk and he supplies the guitars, backing vocals, keyboards and programming with the sound filled out by several guests including Chuck Peterson on drums, Dylan Cronin on bass, Tor Cronin on flute, Giovanna Moraga Clayton on cello and Soli Jones on oboe. Together they have produced an album that falls perfectly into Within Temptation, Evanescence, Sirenia, Epica and Leaves Eyes territory.

I have checked out a few reviews from elsewhere and all have plenty of praise for Kelsey which is well deserved but they all seem to be scathing about the quality of the songs, the structure of the work and the playing which, in my humble, opinion is very harsh. Certainly, it is a self-released recording and maybe a bigger studio budget would have brought a little more out in the recording but I found Glory To The Brave to be a thoroughly enjoyable symphonic rock album with plenty of great guitar throughout with the song writing being perfectly fine and the addition of string and wind instruments also brings a more orchestral flair to the album as well as introducing that special touch of Celtic magic that adds so much to an album.

Ignore the downbeat reviews and approach with an open mind and you will find a very enjoyable symphonic rock album opening up for you. Check out Queen Of The Silver Mountain which is a neat homage to the late, great Ronnie James Dio and if they are fans of his then they are OK by me.

Glory To The Brave

  1. Forever Ain’t Over (3:48)
  2. In the Mirror (5:20)
  3. Tonight (3:39)
  4. Gone (5:01)
  5. Flood (7:14)
  6. Count my Blessings (5:06)
  7. The One (4:07)
  8. Queen of the Silver Mountain (homage to Dio) (4:05)
  9. Glory to the Brave (7:36)