May 16, 2021

Australian Ella Fence is a quite remarkable young woman with a simply stupendous voice and this five track EP shows that this is an artist with so much to offer and, surely, a long and golden career ahead of her.

Hailing from the beautiful Gold Coast, her honey dripping voice conjures up images of long, lazy and sun drenched days enjoyed with a long cool drink in hand. The music is sweet and seductive but with a core of steel as she manages to merge indie and electro-pop with ease and great style and all with a sophisticated Sade type jazz vibe running throughout. To me, she is very similar in style with the amazing Natalie Imbruglia, the beautiful lady who created one of the’ finest singles ever in Torn, and can therefore do no wrong.

Already an award winning singer/songwriter in her own country, this EP perfectly demonstrates her talents with five perfectly crafted pop songs that flirts with rock so she manages to cover so many bases and each song works on so many different levels. Delicious and adult, this is not pop music for the usual pre-teen audience but adult oriented pop that please and inspires in equal measure.

You simply have to listen to this EP as Ella Fence is the real deal and she is going to be huge.

No Thank You EP

  1. Hurricane (3:45)
  2. More To Life (3:35)
  3. This Was Supposed To Be My Freedom (3:41)
  4. Move To Slow (3:00)
  5. Known Better (3:19)