November 28, 2023

Emily Wolfe is a singer, songwriter and musician based out of Austin, Texas in the United States and is another of those incredibly talented musicians who began playing guitar when aged just 5, later adding keyboards and drums to her list of prodigious talents. Wolfe is a sharp and incisive songwriter with her songs being charged with enough electricity to power a small city as she delivers emotional lyrics with style, panache and just the right amount of attitude.

Photo: Jackie Lee Young

The Blowback is Emily Wolfe’s third album since her self-titled debut in 2019 but she has developed her skills and sharpened her lyrics to a razor’s edge over the last 10-years so what you see before you is a sassy and confident performer who tells it like it is and has no time for bullshit at all. Her style is somewhere between PJ Harvey, Hole, Alanis Morissette and all with the angst of a young Avril Lavigne and she is a major talent with her crossover appeal as she flits between rock, roots and even adult pop with ease. 

Emily has been picking up rave reviews from the leading magazines for her songwriting skills, her delicious and infectious vocals and hew quite sublime guitar skills as she weaves her tales equally split between hope and despair but always delivered with a certain jauntiness that puts a spring in your step. I was very impressed with her last album, Outlier in 2021, and it is thrilling to report that The Blowback has built on this quality album with the new work showing a level of maturity well beyond her years and she delivers her plaintive songs with a vital perspective that draws you into her world and makes you desperate to hear more.

If you have not come across the name before then please take the opportunity to check out this fine and revelatory album as Emily Wolfe is an artist who just may be be about to take the rock world by storm. She has been announced as the support on the upcoming The Gaslight Anthem tour in March 2024 and if they come close to your town then you simply have to be there.

The Blowback is out now via Crows Feet Records

The Blowback

  1. Silencer (3:09)
  2. Dead End Luck (3:52)
  3. Walk In My Shoes (3:07)
  4. Predator (3:37)
  5. Road To Ruin (3:53)
  6. High Crime (5:41)
  7. Rock Bottom On A High Wire (3:53)
  8. Hopeless In Panorama (4:24)
  9. Second Of Relief (3:57)
  10. Can I Read Your Mind, Lover (4:09)