October 10, 2020

Australian post-metal group Empress have just revealed a new song from their forthcoming second album Wait ’til Night, which is set for release on November 20th via Brilliant Emperor Records.

Titled Void Shaped Void this new track is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who commented The Australian group’s hazy, gothic-tinged rock creates the distinct impression of a haunting, vignetted portrait, while their exquisite control of volume, clarity, and aggression put them in complete control of the surreal scenes before your eyes.”

Recorded by Liam Kriz at Ravager Sound and mixed by M. Deslandes, Wait ’til Night sees Empress once again blurring the lines of such diverse musical genres as shoegaze, post-rock and metal to craft a singular and emotional sound that defies easy categorization.  More refined and mature than before, Empress is a clash of emotional and musical contradictions, soft and harsh, calm and hysterical.

Golden Orb

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