September 25, 2022

Johnny Gioeli is an esteemed hard rock vocalist whose credits include Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell and Crush 40. He recently announced the formation of a new band, Enemy Eyes, which is a fulfilment of his vision to create a group that combines his love of both classic hard rock and European metal.

The band’s debut album, History’s Hand will be released on 18th November via Frontiers Music Srl, with a single and video from it entitled Peace And The Glory available from today. The album will be Gioeli‘s 100th official release as a recording artist after decades of acclaimed multi-platinum and gold albums. A true landmark recording in his discography, it also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

The album song Here We Are is also available as a single.

Enemy Eyes is the product of a vision I’ve had for years of combining old school rock with a European metal feel,” states Gioeli. “At the end of the day, I can sing many styles of music, but my heart and soul is metal. I grew up with the music of DIO, Rainbow, Sabbath, Maiden and more. I needed to fulfil what I feel is a missing piece in my musical puzzle, so Enemy Eyes has been born. It’s not just a project, it’s my musical life’s work moving forward.”

Gioeli came to prominence with Hardline, a melodic hard rock outfit that he formed with his brother Joey and which famously featured Journey guitarist Neal Schon on its 1992 debut album, Double Eclipse. Johnny has continued to front Hardline ever since, with the group’s 2021 effort Heart, Mind And Soul being their most recent release. In addition, Gioeli has fronted both Axel Rudi Pell‘s solo band and the Japanese-American band Crush 40 since 1998. He issued his first ever solo effort, One Voice, in 2018.

Gioeli brings Enemy Eyes to life with a wealth of experience and a clear-eyed vision of where he is going with the band. “This is completely different from Hardline, ARP and Crush 40,” he continues. “It is a definitive new music entrée on my career menu and one I’ve been hungering for. With influences from the metal I grew up with to more modern bands like Breaking Benjamin, Volbeat, Architects, and so on. Combined with my love for melodic and Euro metal, Enemy Eyes becomes a fresh new world.”

As with his other acts, Gioeli plans to bring Enemy Eyes to the stage to deliver the message and power of his music directly to fans. A seasoned musician who is now in his fourth decade of touring the world, he simply doesn’t know any other way.

Asked about the meaning of the album’s title track, he explains that “it is a very special song. The chorus’ finishing line “born a child, feared as a man” sums up my vision of awareness, innocence to evil, and how we become what our history dictates. Sort of the ‘history repeats itself’ thought process. Recognising that all things come full circle in time and we should be reminded of this regularly…sometimes with a good fucking slap. ‘Feel the hit of history’s hand’. We are the architects of our history. Don’t fuck it up. It felt right to make this the album title.”

History’s Hand

  1. Here We Are
  2. History’s Hand
  3. Peace And The Glory
  4. The Chase
  5. Preying On Your Weakness
  6. What You Say
  7. What I Believe
  8. The Dream Is Gone
  9. The Miracle In You
  10. Broken
  11. The Rat Race

Johnny Gioeli – vocals
Marcos Rodriguez – guitar
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards
Fabio Alessandrini – drums

ENEMY EYES online:

Official Website