July 20, 2020

Generation Brainwashed is the fifteenth album by American rock legends Enuff Z’nuff in an often glittering career that began in Illinois way back in 1984. As seems to be the ever increasing pattern these days, the only remaining original member is singer and bassist Chip Z’nuff (Gregory Rybarski) with lead guitarist Tory Stoffregen being the next longest member having initially joined in 2008, and now on his second stint with the band. Drummer Dan Hill joined in 2016 and the newest recruit is guitarist Alex Cane who joined in 2019 with this now being his second spell in the band having been lead guitarist in 1987/88. However, the core Enuff Z’nuff sound has remained even if some albums have, perhaps, been a little heavier than others. What you can always expect though is superior melodic rock with their unique pop crossover elements that always ensures maximum effect, hook laden AOR heaven.

As usual, the new material is all superbly written with simply tremendous vocal harmonies, and it is so obvious that The Beatles have been hugely influential, particularly the Sgt Pepper era. This was very much seen on their last album, Diamond Boy, from 2018 and is as equally evident on Generation Brainwashed – and you will quite easily pick out the moments of homage. There is, of course, nothing new in being influenced by the famous Merseysiders, after all, who hasn’t been influenced by the Beatles in some way? All the songs are radio friendly, modern-day pop/rock with each musician adding their individual skill set whilst retaining the pure Enuff Z’nuff sound. Chip has one of those ‘classic rock’ voices that sounds just so familiar, intimate and comforting and lends itself so perfectly to the vocal harmonies so associated with the band. The two guitarists combine perfectly and lay down plenty of groove-infused riffs and sublime killer licks. The band has kept the ability to remain fresh and relevant throughout the passing of the years and can adapt their sound according to changes in the musical landscape, yet always manage to produce wonderfully accessible melodic rock – the mark of a band with real class. Generation Brainwashed is a welcome addition to the Enuff Z’nuff catalogue and fans will be both pleased and comforted by the new album, and if this is to be your first listen to this iconic band then it is not a bad place to start either.

Tracklisting: 1. The Gospel 2. Fatal Distraction 3. I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is 4. Help I’m In Hell 5. It’s All In Vain 6. Strangers In My Head 7. Drugland Weekend 8. Broken Love 9. Go… 10. Winding Road