November 26, 2021

Well, it’s going to be interesting to see what the feedback is going to be on this very, very brave album release by the fine American hard rock band Enuff Z’Nuff! Firstly, I think we have to start by saying the rock world we all know and love would most certainly not have existed if there had been no Beatles and when they went all experimental and psychedelic they most certainly changed the game forever. So, we have to acknowledge what the Beatles did and how it changed the way musicians approached music and we can also play the ‘I wonder what would have happened’ game and we can only wonder at what Neal Morse/Spock’s Beard would now be like as just one example and there are literally millions more.

It’s very easy to detect the work of the Fab Four in so many varied and diverse bands and, again, it is no little surprise when a band pays some sort of compliment by including a cover of a Beatles favourite on the new album. However, Enuff Z’Nuff have gone the whole hog and released a full album of Beatles covers which also includes several tracks from John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s solo careers. Just have a look at the track list below and you will see some very famous songs and, possibly, a couple that are a surprise inclusion too but how do you pick just ten Beatles related tracks to cover; I suppose you start with a hundred and then whittle the list down by some special, magical process. So what we have here is the band effectively writing a love song to Liverpool’s finest as they offer up some very interesting versions of seven Beatles songs, one from the Plastic Ono Band (Cold Turkey) and two from Paul McCartney & Wings (Jet and Live And Let Die).

Chip Z’Nuff is now the only remaining original member of the band but he really is the ‘voice’ of the band so no real problems here and he plays bass and electric guitar too with Tony Fennell on rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, keyboards and strings, Tory Stoffregen on lead and slide guitar and Daniel Benjamin Hill on drums and percussion. It actually does appear that there has been some sort of clamour or a movement from the fans for a Beatles flavoured release and I’m sure that they are going to be delighted with these interpretations as Chip Z’Nuff and the boys have lovingly and with great care and attention to detail produced some very remarkable and different versions of some well known song whilst remaining true to the original intent behind the songs themselves.

In truth, I cannot see how the band can fail here as the songs are some of the greatest ever written and Enuff Z’Nuff is a highly respected veteran hard rock band and they have produced an amazing collection of versions that are played with real vigour, enthusiasm and true love. You actually get to see a different side of the band on this album and it is quite fun to see them as fan boys doing something that they obviously love and having great fun at the same time, what’s not to like here?

Hard Rock Nite

  1. Magical Mystery Tour (5:06)
  2. Cold Turkey (4:06)
  3. Eleanor Rigby (4:18)
  4. Live And Let Die (3:52)
  5. Dear Prudence (6:16)
  6. Helter Skelter (4:25)
  7. Jet (3:49)
  8. Revolution (3:42)
  9. Back In The U.S.S.R. (3:13)
  10. With A Little Help From My Friends (7:14)