February 9, 2020

Excalion is a heavy metal band from Finland that covers hard, progressive and power metal with just a little pomp rock too. The band is led by founder Jarmo Myllyvirta and seems to be more of a studio based band as they seem to have only limited gig experience and then only in their native Finland which is a shame as they have so much to offer.

Formed in 2000 they have now produced five extremely capable power/progressive metal albums and each shows variation within the genres but generally remain faithful to the melodic elements in metal.. They are yet another band with a number of personnel changes behind them and the unit for this album features Marcus Lång on vocals, Aleksi Hirvonen on guitar, Onni Hirvonen on keyboards and Henri Pirkkalainen on drums alongside the ever-present Jarmo Myllyvirta on bass. Despite the changes in musicians, the core Excalion sound remains in huge and epic songs, soaring vocals, the usual hard and driving power metal drums and a delicious mix of lead guitar and keyboards. Easy comparisons can be drawn with the other Finish heavyweights Stratovarius as well as bands like Twilight Guardians. As can probably be picked up from the album title, the theme behind the songs is the range of emotions that we are all prone to, love, hate, joy and the tone of the music reflects these emotions being fast and frenetic or more laid back and balledic but all with the underlying and expected power metal sensibilities.

It really is time that Jarmo Myllyvirta took this band on an extensive tour of Europe as the fans are waiting for it to happen.