March 12, 2022

Some of you may recall Faith And Fire which was an American hard rock band which released the album Accelerator in 2002 and then just seemed to drift apart. I must admit that I do not remember the project but I really should have been aware of the band given the musicians involved.

The group was formed by a couple of musicians from the hard rock band Riot with vocalist Tony Moore and lead guitarist Mike Flyntz joining with Danny Miranda on bass and probably best known for his work with Blue Oyster Cult and touring with Queen with the drums courtesy of John Miceli who has worked with a host of bands including Rainbow and Meatloaf. A talented team for sure with a real classic American hard rock delivery very much in Riot and LA Guns territory with a powerhouse vocal display from Moore and some incendiary guitar playing from Flyntz. This is a perfectly constructed hard rock album built on a solid base of melody and harmony and features a couple of powerful ballads but the album really comes into its own when the band gets down and dirty.

The album originally came out in 2006 but has now received a re-issue with the vinyl version getting an extra four tracks and the CD becomes a double disc affair with the same four bonus tracks on CD 1 with CD 2 featuring a further sixteen tracks all of which are either demos and rehearsal recordings. The vinyl release only featured a run of 500 so all may have gone by now but the CD should still be available. Unfortunately, the bonus recordings were not available for review. All I can say is that the original twelve tracks are great examples of American rock and roll with a real swagger, style and a great deal of attitude from a great team of musicians and deserves it surely deserves another chance to be heard.


  1. Ready (6:06)
  2. Fallen (5:41)
  3. America (4:32)
  4. Accelerator (3:55)
  5. Villanelle (5:23)
  6. Avenue Z (4:56)
  7. Breathe (4:03)
  8. Everything (6:05)
  9. Radio Superstar (4:42)
  10. Faith and Fire (5:30)
  11. Ashes (6:09)
  12. Angel (3:32)