November 25, 2021

Fans Of The Dark is another new hard rock band from Sweden with this new release being the group’s self titled debut and what a statement of intent it is.

Some early releases can be a little tentative or it is clear that a band need some help with direction but Fans Of The Dark appear to be the real deal. They have a retro hard rock sound based on the hair bands of the 1980s with the merest hint of glam rock and even a touch of power metal thrown in for good measure but what really stands out is that they have a strong set of songs and a clear and definite identity plus an incredible ability to truly rock big style. The songs are all diverse and each shows a different element which keeps you entertained and hooked until the end and the music is so good that you just have to go again.

I’m guessing that the boys in the band are feeling pretty happy with themselves at the moment and so they should as they have released a real killer of an album and to tick every box so early in their career is rather staggering. The band was formed by drummer and songwriter Freddie Allen and the vocalist Alex Falk who is a singer destined for stardom and will surely be a major voice in the rock world for the next 20-years. His ease of delivery, control, power and confidence remind me a little of the greatest ever rock showman Freddie Mercury and the sensation that Justin Hawkins was when The Darkness first hit the stage! Please do not get me wrong, Falk is not the new Freddie but he has something of the strut, confidence and joie de vivre that Freddie personified and this comes through on his magnificent performance on this album. Allen and Falk then brought in Oscar Bromvall (Palace, Code Red) on guitar and Robert Majd (Metalite) on bass with both being exceptional musicians and together they have created a wonderful hard rock album that heads pretty much in Freedom Call and Serious Black territory. The bass and drum work is excellent with the guitar work of Bromvall being exceptional and when you have someone of the magnitude of Alex Falk with his sensational soul infused voice in your band then success is guaranteed.

You just have to give this band a listen.

Fans Of The Dark

  1. The Ghost Of Canterville (8:16)
  2. Escape From Hell (3:40)
  3. The Running Man (5:34)
  4. Dial Mom For Murder (4:44)
  5. Life Kills (5:14)
  6. Rear Window (5:28)
  7. The Foreigner (3:58)
  8. Zombies In My Class (7:59)