September 21, 2022

Swedish hard rock band Fans Of The Dark released their most excellent debut disc last year and have quickly followed it up with another quality slab of storming hard rock that shows that this band is the real deal and has a golden future ahead. The self-titled debut was a mature and perfectly composed melodic hard rock album full of great songs and played to perfection by a great team of musicians working in perfect unison.

The band cleverly revels in a retro sound with a solid base built upon those amazing rock bands of the ’80s which took the airwaves by storm, and they have infused the sound with a fresh and modern flavour to ensure maximum fan appeal. I guess the nearest bands to Fans Of The Dark for reference terms would be Thin Lizzy and Freedom Call as the band writes songs that have real story lines, great bass rhythms, an excellent singer and stunning guitars although just about any ’80s hair metal band can be discerned in their delivery.

Suburbia comes very quickly after the debut and so, rather obviously, follows on closely in terms of music, scope and themes although the storylines seem a little more in depth and intense too with the horror genre seeming to influence much of what is happening. This is instantly picked up on the album opener, Night Of The Living Dead which begins with a sound clip from the original George A. Romero’s classic from 1968 with the chilling They’re Coming To Get You Barbera then launching into full on hard rock mode, what a way to start and album! You can pick up on your own references throughout the album with the album closing Restless Soul surely being the story of Stand By Me but told in a near 8-minute rock song.

Band founder and drummer Freddie Allen again wrote most of the songs and an intelligent and perceptive song writer he is too with the rest of the band being willing conspirators in bringing the tales to life. The stunning vocalist Alex Falk reprises his role as does the brilliant guitarist Oscar Bromvall (Palace/Code Red) and these two provide all the fireworks with Freddie Allan laying down a real barrage of drums and cementing a real relationship with the new bassist Rickard Gramfors who has replaced the departing Metalite bassist Robert Majd and a really fine job he has done on this new album.

Fans Of The Dark has a winning formula, play superbly and the musicians write deep but instantly hitting songs and have now recorded two quite vital melodic hard rock albums that simply have to be heard.


  1. Night Of The Living Dead (3:56)
  2. The Pirates Of Maine (7:56)
  3. Fantasia (4:07)
  4. Sick! Sick Sick! (4:41)
  5. Fright Night (4:23)
  6. Fans Of The Dark (4:52)
  7. The Goblin King (4:11)
  8. Restless Soul (7:43)