March 18, 2023

Farewell To Fear is a raw, aggressive rock band from the United States that serves up a very punchy and intense hard rock with thrash elements and strident vocals but always with a core of melody that makes their music very listenable even when they get up close and personal and very much in your face! Full details of the band can be found on the VT site on the press release that was put out heralding this, their third album, so I will not re-hash what that says about the group and you can check it out and read it at your leisure.

I have to admit that Farewell To Fear falls into a category that I listen to very rarely as they tread a very fine line between grunge, traditional and alternative rock that verges into thrash metal territory. To me, they call to mind bands like Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Audioslave and I really can appreciate what they offer and I also know that there are many, many hard rock fans out there than will consider this an essential record. It’s rather strange but I was never really a Soundgarden devotee but I consider Black Hole Sun to be one of the greatest songs ever recorded! Paradoxically, Farewell To Fear manage to sound mature and raw at the same which is down to the fast, punchy and aggressive delivery but all is served up by a team of masterful musicians so everything is delivered to perfection. Mike Craig has a great voice with the twin guitarists Tommy Gibbons and Bill Staley also supplying neat backing vocals with a few dirty vocals thrown in to contrast with the clean and precise delivery of Craig and this reinforces the hard cutting edge that the band revels in. Jeremy Sevens is a sensational bass player and his work with drummer Jimmy Adams is sensational and I would imagine your ears would be still ringing a week after seeing them live!

If you like your rock music to pack a punch and to walk on the grittier side of the road then Farewell To Fear is a band simply awaiting your discovery. Check out the neat Faith No More cover that closes the album.


  1. Powertrip (3:23)
  2. Brainwashed (4:34)
  3. Played Again (3:16)
  4. If Tomorrow Never Comes (3:16)
  5. Weight of the World (4:03)
  6. Fall in Line (3:52)
  7. Forgive it All (3:00)
  8. Falling (3:43)
  9. Crash and Burn (3:39)
  10. Surprise! You’re Dead! (Faith No More Cover) (2:32)