October 29, 2022
Photo: Stephanie Cabral

Extreme industrial metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY have released their latest album Recoded via Nuclear Blast. Like the innovative one-two punch of Demanufacture and RemanufactureRecoded brilliantly reimagines the songs from their 2021 landmark record Aggression Continuum with diverse ferocity.

Following the release of the album, the band offers fans a lyric video for Hatred Will Prevail – Monolith Remix By Rhys Fulber which can be seen below.

The remixes stand as a mesmerizing counterpart to the band’s tenth album. Produced by co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist Dino Cazares and mixed/mastered by Damien Rainaud (DragonforceOnce Human), Recoded boasts new interpretations of Aggression Continuum songs. Recoded features long-time collaborator Rhys FulberZardonicTyrant Of DeathRob GEE, BLUSH_RESPONSE, and Dualized. The album is the fourth FEAR FACTORY album with artwork by Anthony Clarkson.


  1. Adapt Or Die – Intro narrative by Jake Stern sound FX by Zardonic  
  2. Hatred Will Prevail – “Monolith” Remix by Rhys Fulber
  3. Disobey – “Disruptor” Remix by Zardonic
  4. I Am The Nightrider – “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” Remix by Dualized/Zardonic
  5. Path To Salvation – “Purity” Remix by Rhys Fulber
  6. Worthless – “End Of Line” Remix by Zardonic  
  7. Empires Fall – “Collapse” Remix by Tyrant Of Death
  8. System Assassin – “Aggression Continuum” Remix by Rhys Fulber  
  9. Hypocrisy Of Faith – “Manufactured Hope” Remix by Rob Gee
  10. This Is My Life – “Cognitive Dissonance” Remix by Zardonic
  11. Recoded – “Recode” Remix by Blush Response

Bonus Tracks (Vinyl editions only)

  • 12. Turbo Factory – “End Of Line” Remix by Turboslash
  • 13. Break Off – “Disruptor” Remiz by Rhys Fulber


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