March 24, 2022

We now come to the fourth album by the project put together by vocalist Robbie LeBlanc (Blanc Faces) and the musical genius that is the Swedish musician, producer and songwriter Daniel Flores (Issa, Murder Of My Sweet). It is fair to say that if you have heard any of the earlier three albums then you will surely know what to expect by now as these two fine musicians are masters of the arts when it comes to all things AOR and melodic rock.

Robbie LeBlanc is a standout vocalists with a truly powerful, soaring voice that is brilliantly soul infused so he equally comfortable when belting out anthemic stadium rockers or turning the power down for heartfelt and searing ballads; this man does the full range of emotions and is a truly moving singer. Daniel Flores is equally talented as he supplies drums, bass, guitar and keyboards with aplomb and a real sense of flair. However, he is a generous musician too and has also brought in some guest with Jonny Trobo supplying electric and bass guitar, Michael Palace on lead and rhythm guitars, Rolf Pilotti on keyboards and Fernando Dan Martin on percussion The song Far From Over also sees American composer Vince DiCola on keyboards and Murder Of My Sweet singer Angelica Rylin on backing vocals. You cannot keep a good man down either and the ever hard working Alessandro Del Vecchio has supplied ten of the eleven tracks on the album.

As should be expected by now, Find Me has returned with another amazing collection of melodic rock songs which have been beautifully put together with great musical passages and is a delightful melodic rock album suffused with wonderful vocal harmonies very much in the tradition of the American greats like Toto, Foreigner and Journey plus the sublime Asia too making this yet another radio friendly rock album full of golden sounds.

If the band is new to you then you are going to love their modern take on AOR although the inspiration is from the greats of yesteryear and you will be amazed at the vocal prowess of the incredible Robbie LeBlanc, surely one of the greatest melodic rock vocalists around.

Lightning In A Bottle

  1. Survive (4:10)
  2. Far From Over (Feat Vince Di Cola) (4:13)
  3. Sail Away (3:53)
  4. Back To You (4:19)
  5. Diana (3:38)
  6. Distant Echoes (3:34)
  7. Remember (It’s Me) (3:31)
  8. You And I (5:00)
  9. Under A Bad Sign (4:38)
  10. Give My Heart (3:16)
  11. On The Run (4:35)