November 17, 2020

New album coming 2021

FFO: Godflesh, The Prodigy, Fear Factory, Meshuggah

Emerging from the depths of 2020 with a brand new single, Helsinki electronic groove metal outfit Khroma are here to deliver an assaulting soundtrack of cinematic atmospheres and ambiences, down tuned guitar patterns and pulsating trip hop and drum’n bass beats.

Khroma are definitely emerging as a band to watch within the experimental metal scene. So far, Khroma has released 2 full-length albums (Stasis, 2016; Collapse, 2014) and is getting ready to release their third album, due for release in early 2021. The band has toured in Europe on numerous occasions, supporting the likes of Gojira, 3Teeth, Adept and Eskimo Callboy on tour, and played live at  Euroblast, Tuska Open Air and Hokuo Metal Fest in Tokyo. Most lately they have toured with the Ukranian metal machine Jinjer in 2019, supporting them on their Macro European Tour, expanding to +10 countries and 40 shows.

‘Slaves’ is the new single taken from Khroma’s forthcoming album, set for a 2021 release. The new music video for the downtuned electro-metal track was filmed over the course of those recent (2019) shows, and captures the energy and chaos that Khroma delivered night after night and proves they’re laying the foundations to build upon with their new release.

The band says this about the new single, which unintentionally had a relatively prophetic message for the state of 2020….

“Slaves was written as a story about an unknown contagious phenomenon taking over the world… little did we know that a few short months later we would be dealing with with the real thing! It is about the end of the world, as are all other songs on our forthcoming third album as well- so let’s hope that doesn’t come true either!”

 This fusion of Khroma’s  influences is further explored lyrically as the band tackles counter­cultural issues of disillusionment, fatalism and despondency. Khroma want to inflict their music and their message onto fans in 2021, starting now. The band have implied that the sound on the forthcoming album is a heavier yet more accessible symphony of chaos. More details on the new album will be announced in due course. 

Riku the vocalist says “The sound of our new music, although more accessible, is still going to be heavier than the apocalypse”.


Antti Honka, drums & visual design; Maarik Leppä, bass; Mikko Merilinna, guitars & keys; Riku Rinta-Seppälä, vocals & electronics.



19.02. – TALLINN (EE) TBA
20.02. – RIGA (LV) Innerfade Fest 
22.05. – SEINÄJOKI (FI) Rytmikorjaamo
28.05. – TAMPERE (FI) Jack The Rooster
30.09-02.10. – COLOGNE (DE) Euroblast Festival