November 10, 2022

This release is the debut from Nashville based indie/electro pop band Flight Attendant and in a real twist of fate the three musicians who put the band together, Karalyne Winegarner, Vinny Maniscalco and Nikki Christie, all worked in the same restaurant and had a joint love of electro-based rock. Winegarner supplies lead vocals and keyboards with Maniscalco on guitar and vocals and Christie plays viola and adds vocals too. They then soon brought on board friend Derek Sprague on drums and the band was complete with Michael Cottrell brought in to supply bass on the album.

The publicity talks about alt-rock, heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop and I’m not so sure that I agree with all of that although glam and pop are closer to the mark but, to me, the band is mostly ethereal electro similar to the UK electro movement of the early ’80s so you get a flavour of Siouxsie and the Banshees and a touch of early Depeche Mode as well as a big dose of Air as well as Sparks, Florence And The Machine, Lana Del Rey and Debbie Harry which all makes for a heady, complex and addictive mix.

The songs are all perfectly crafted 3-minute delights being very radio friendly but also having that darker undertone which makes the band much more than just a pop curiosity as they seem to have all of the requisite skills to have a long and successful career especially with the dulcet tones of Winegarner and the addition of the viola definitely gives the band a more thrilling, complex edge.

Flight Attendant

  1. Man Of Chaos (3:36)
  2. Dogs (2:51)
  3. Cotton Candy (3:47)
  4. Fresh Gasoline (2:57)
  5. Teach Me How To Lie (3:24)
  6. Paradise (2:45)
  7. Honeysweet (3:53)
  8. Phosphorescent (Fine Line) (3:35)
  9. Crybaby (3:07)
  10. Comedy Show (3:07)
  11. I Like You (2:37)
  12. Golden Gun (2:58)
  13. In The Pines (3:47)