September 4, 2023

Paris-based alternative rock force, ONLAP, has premiered a lyric video for their new single Fever! The track will be part of the band’s upcoming, first full-length album, that is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2024 via AFM Records.

ONLAP comments:“Unleash the primal power of Fever! This track is a sonic inferno, a molten fusion of raw lust and searing guitar riffs that’ll ignite your senses and leave you craving more. Get ready to sweat it out, for the fire is coming! We had a lot of pleasure to write that song, as an additional key piece of the upcoming album to be released with AFM in 2024!”

ONLAP was formed in 2006, driven by a full DIY-spirit. Since years, each song they self-released has been ruling social media platforms and playlists, with a fan base growing day by day (with 380k monthly Spotify listeners and 115k YouTube subscribers to name just a few numbers) and a cross-platform streaming performance of more than 150 million streams. The Awakening, the band’s top hit on Spotify, reckons with 23M streams only to this impressive hoard of facts.

Following their recent signing with AFM Records and as first single releases instantly prove, ONLAP have never felt more vibrant and hungry than they are on their upcoming album. After all those years self-releasing a giant number of tracks, some EP’s, and 1 best-of records in celebration of their 15th band anniversary, ONLAP have been hard at work to finally unleash a full-length album containing 10 colossal, new tracks. Their much-awaited debut will be a collection of their musical history, roots and recent influences, but most important: including a multiple degree of links inside the album, that will be revealed later. Watch out for many more details and news to follow in the weeks ahead, and get ready for the most ambitious offering ONLAP has achieved in their career to date!

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