November 17, 2019

Having recently performed at this year’s Euroblast Festival alongside the likes of Car Bomb, Voyager and Between The Buried And Me, modern progressive metal outfit MOBIUS are thrilled to reveal the first details and pre-order links for their forthcoming sophomore studio album Kala.

Arriving on 30th January 2020, Kala – the Sanskrit word for “time” – fuses a core of technical western progressive metal with middle-eastern flourishes and suggestions of jazz influence, presenting a rare and enticing delicacy for fans of intelligent progressive adventures. Pouring forth with ambient, djenty riffs, epic synths, world and ethnic voices and an eccentric polyrhythmic backing, each of the nine tracks featuring on MOBIUS’ upcoming studio album intends to steal the breath away from listeners and transport them to a rich, intoxicating landscape filled with intricately-woven melodies rife with colour and detail.

“While we were writing the material for Kala, we found ourselves diving deeper and deeper into oriental cultures of music”, band vocalist and lyricist Héli Andrea exclaims, offering further insight into the inspirational journey taken by each of the band members to create their forthcoming release. “We all explored different styles and techniques, and we met new people who helped us to write lyrics in Sanskrit.”

“For us, Kala was never “just another record” we were working on”, the singer continues. “It’s a complete and dense work about everything: music technique, live sound, visuals, pushing us to evolve and develop both as individual musicians and as a band.”

n a sobering twist, however, much of the thematic inspiration tied to MOBIUS’ forthcoming studio release comes from the experience of loss. Two years ago, as the band began to put down the early concept for the album, Héli received news that her half-sister’s father had passed away. The family discovered his body four days after his death – an experience that took the vocalist into the depths of thought and contemplation.

“Experiencing his death made me think about the way in which he died, and how so many of us die; Alone, ill, and knowing that he was nearing the end of his life. This thought, and the experience of seeing his body inspired the lyrics of the first song Abhinivesha  and the album’s overall concepts surrounding around time, the human body and it’s birth, growth and eventual death – but taken to a poetic, mystic and natural atmosphere.”

Following on from their 2016 debut album The Line, the french quintet have in fact already released the first “taster” drawn from KalaAbhinivesha is a captivating, dynamic battle between sweeping melodic beauty and tight, intricate rhythms – and is available to stream on Spotify and watch on YouTube right now. 

Track List


MOBIUS will independently release Kala on 30th January 2020, but fans can pre-order the album right now via BandCamp.


Heli Andrea – Vocals
Xavier Pompon – Guitars
Alexandre Gaudencio – Bass Guitar
Guillaume Deveaux – Keyboards
Adrien Brunet – Drums