March 21, 2021

From The Depth is an Italian power metal band that formed in 2008 with the original version of the band’s debut album, Back To Life, being released in 2011. This is very the rather distinctive and emotion filled Italian version of power metal and you should therefore expect a touch of Labyrinth and Rhapsody but there are also shades of Kamelot, Firewind and even Diamond Head in the sound too. The album was successfully received and led to them playing a number of festivals alongside some of the greatest metal bands around and they obviously learned much from these times. However, there were some changes in the line-up that then delayed the bands second album, Moments, which was eventually released last year. I’m not exactly sure why the band has now gone back to this album as a 10th anniversary is not exactly a milestone these days but maybe they think the extra publicity will help promote Moments and also give music fans a second chance to re-evaluate Back To The Life or even reach some new first time listeners?

The line-up that recorded the original album was Raffaele Albanese on vocals, Alessandro Cattani on guitar, Alessandro Karabelas on bass, Davide Castro on keyboards and Cristiano Battini on drums. The current line up that produced Moments features Albanese, Cattani and Battini with bassist Santo Clemenzi replacing Karabelas and, strangely, keyboard player Davide Castro appears but is credited as a guest. I haven’t heard the original mix of Back To Life but the new release is a re-mixed and re-mastered version and sounds clear, balanced and fresh. Albanese sings in English and has a strong and confident delivery with the rest of the band giving some great backing. The guitar work is outstanding but the real star is Davide Castro and his fabulous keyboards which are at the root of everything good about the album and the band. His work is skillful and sublime be it adding a lush and multi-layered sound in the background or mazy runs as lead instrument.

The album now comes with two additional tracks, a newly recorded acoustic version of Nothing To You which sees Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars/ex-Firewind) joining Albanese on vocals and another newly recorded version of The Will To Be The Fame which was recorded by the latest line-up with keyboard player Castro guesting. Both new versions are excellent and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those who bought the album the first time round.

Back To Life is an enjoyable power metal romp with a distinct Italian twist which doesn’t re-invent the wheel but is still a thoroughly enjoyable hard rock album all the same.

Back To Life (10th Anniversary Edition) track list

  1. Back To Life (1:10)
  2. Live For Today (3:49)
  3. Our Music Our Souls (4:38)
  4. Don’t Forget Who You Are (4:06)
  5. Lack Of Emotions (3:48)
  6. The Will To Be The Flame (3:51)
  7. The Cruel Kindness (5:19)
  8. You Just Have To Fly (5:23)
  9. Straight To The Source (4:18)
  10. Nenia (3:33)
  11. Nothing To You (5:00)
  12. Leading My Essence Above All (2:55)
  13. The Will To Be The Flame (10th Anniversary Edition) (5:00)
  14. Nothing To You (acoustic version ft. Apollo Papathanasio) (2:55)