July 31, 2022

Gabriele Pribetti is a saxophonist and composer now based in London but originally from Italy and seems to be an artist on the way up judging by the praise being heaped upon him by radio stations and fans alike. His first release was Reeded Edge Vol. 1 which came out in 2020 with Volume 2 now available and all, as far as I can determine, are only available as download or on streaming services.

Photo by Sue Foll

This is the first time that I have come across this talented saxophonist and I very much like what I hear with the Reeded Edge recordings being fresh contemporary jazz with a touch of experimentation and just enough psychedelic to keep you on your toes. Pribetti has pulled in a great team here with his emotional sax work being perfectly complemented by Graeme Flowers on trumpet and flugelhorn and I guess we do not have too many flugelhorn players name checked in Velvet Thunder [Ed’s note: no we don’t] with Joshua McKenzie on drums, Tomasz Bura on piano and keyboards and Michele Montolli on double bass. They all work tremendously well together and make for one hell of a team. The melodies keep you entertained throughout with the playing being delicious yet brooding with a menacing power that truly thrills.

The EP is mostly instrumental but the track Duende features a spoken monologue which fits the music perfectly whilst remaining just on the right side of bizarre. I have the feeling that Gabriele reed is going to make a real splash in the jazz world and now I’m off to catch up on Reeded Edge Vol. 1 and if you are looking some something new in jazz then this talented musician is highly recommended.

Reeded Edge Vol.2

  1. Rain Project
  2. Duende
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Vaporizing Horror
  5. In Or Out