July 16, 2023

Deeply interested in human behaviour, York-based singer-songwriter Gabriella Hunzinger writes music that explores the connection we foster between ourselves, the earth and the potentiality of what is beyond our immediate conscious experience. Acknowledging the power in the creative process, writing music also enables her to process emotional upheaval and other trying life circumstances.

Influenced as a child by artists such as Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons, Hunzinger‘s music encompasses a wide sonic landscape. Cinematic elements envelop her haunting, expansive vocals, embellishing guitar parts that hark back to her songs’ origins; just one woman expressing herself with an acoustic guitar.

Having already been supported by Jericho Keys at BBC Music Introducing as one half of alt-folk duo The Paper Waits, Hunzinger has now released Body Away, a stunning debut solo single taken from a clutch of newly recorded material. The song has already been aired twice by Keys in advance of its release.

Body Away speaks to the destruction caused by humanity in search for land and for power,” explains Hunzinger. “It questions whether the disregard we have towards nature, and the way we take it for granted, is due to the increasing disconnection we feel from ourselves and each other.”

 Body Away is produced and arranged by Jason Odle, mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Kevin Tuffy and features cello by Alexandra Marshall.

Hunzinger also works as a Breathwork facilitator and Reiki practitioner, skills that have also aided her personally through periods of anxiety, as well as with stage fright. “In essence, it is the work that I do outside of music that has enabled me to actually record and release my songs,” she acknowledges. “I would not be in this place right now if I didn’t have these tools, as they have helped me find a strength that I didn’t know existed in myself; the ability of moving through fear. Having helped myself, I felt I had no other choice than to fully learn how to be able to teach others how to experience this.”