June 26, 2021

Geometry Of Chaos is a new progressive metal project from Italy which has been put together by Fabio La Manna and Davide Cardella following on from the breakup of their previous band Alchemy Room. La Manna plays guitar and bass and is the songwriter with Cardella supplying drums and they have brought in three vocalists to complete the project.

The songs are all in the 7 to 8-minute range which allows for plenty of experimentation and extended soloing with La Manna showing that he is a master of the guitar with lots of riffs which are all backed up by some truly heavy and hard solos but he also shows a wonderfully deft touch with some truly brilliant rhythm guitar passages. The three singers involved all bring something different to the album with Marcello Vieira, Ethan Cronin and Elena Lippe combining perfectly to help give the band a new, fresh and unique identity. It seems that every other album released these days is a concept piece and this record is no different being the story of a man, an everyman if you wish, caught up in a dystopian world to which he feels no allegiance and is very much in line with the concepts brought up by works like 1984. There are elements of Dream Theater, Threshold, Queensryche and Pain Of Salvation about the music and it is prog metal that delves in to the darker side of rock but without becoming as fully immersed as band like Opeth. The songs are long and technical with the usual time changes and breath taking solos but La Manna shows he is equally adept with the acoustic guitar too and he uses the acoustic moments to add counterpoint and clarity to the proceedings. The songs are well written with great lyrics and moving passages plus there are plenty of moments for full on headbanging too. The band maintains melody throughout with lots of hooks to keep you enthralled and fully bought into the band and the concept. The band switches from soaring and beautifully to dark and menacing in a heartbeat and this given the music an unexpectedness that keeps you on the edge of your seat and ensures that your attention is held right up to the very last note.

The use of several vocalists can sometimes cause an element of discontinuity in a recording but that is not the case here as the three singers add their own narrative to the work making this another concept along the lines of Operation: Mindcrime and Mercy Falls and you will be thoroughly entertained as the music unfolds. There are lots of keyboards too which gives the music a majestic feel and also gives a touch of the sound of Artension yet the keyboard player is not credited in the publicity which is strange given that his (or her) work is very integral to the Geometry Of Chaos.

If you are into progressive metal then you will be delighted with this new album by a new and very splendid Italian band. I have only been able to find the album on download so far but, trust me, you will want a physical copy as this is an essential release.

Soldiers Of The New World Order track list

  1. Idolatry (6:57)
  2. Joker’s Dance (8:25)
  3. Spiral Staircase (8:12)
  4. Garage Evil (6:43)
  5. Observer (7:09)
  6.  Saturated (7:26)
  7. Premonition (7:54)
  8. Soldiers Of The New World Order (7:54)