May 10, 2022

With a reputation as a formidable and dynamic live band, not least due to multiple European tours and high-profile festival appearances, LONG DISTANCE CALLING have been developing towards a crescendo of their artistry for some time now. In 2020, despite being unable to hit the road, the band released their seventh and most absorbing album to date, How Do We Want To Live? which charted at 7 in the German Album Charts. An intricate but deeply satisfying concept piece, it showcased the ongoing expansion of the LDC sound, and received widespread plaudits as a result. Unable to take their new music directly to the people this time around, they instead decided to throw themselves enthusiastically into the creative process all over again.

The end result of all that creativity is surely destined to be one of the great progressive records of the year. The band’s eighth album is titled Eraser: a direct and heartfelt tribute to the gradual erosion of nature at the hands of mankind. Eraser will be released on August 26th and is dedicated to the world’s endangered species, with each song representing one particular organism facing extinction.

First single Kamilah, which was released on April 22nd, honours the gorilla with a wildly dynamic journey through blissful, shimmering post-rock vistas, urgent and muscular metallic crescendos, and a profoundly melodic and melancholy denouement. The elaborately drawn and animated music video, penned by Costin Chioreanu, is a nearly 7-minute masterpiece which also premiered April 22nd.

European tour dates are currently being booked for 2023.

Eraser Tracklisting:

  1. Enter: Death Box
  2. Blades
  3. Kamilah
  4. 500 Years
  5. Sloth
  6. Giants Leaving
  7. Blood Honey
  8. Landless King
  9. Eraser

Florian Füntmann: Guitars
Jan Hoffman: Bass
David Jordan: Guitars
Janosch Rathmer: Drums