January 25, 2021

This is the debut EP by American outfit Ghosts Of Sunset and they have set their stall out by unleashing what they describe as a concept EP based on the ’80s rock/hair metal scene.

It’s an ambitious target to pull this by only using six tracks and a total of twenty six minutes to play with especially when the story takes a fictional US mid-western band and is the story of its move to LA with its subsequent rise and fall and all to the background of a changing music industry. I suppose you have to applaud them for taking this approach but those of us of a certain age remember these events all too well so we have a converging here of reality and supposed fantasy. The project was put together by singer songwriter John Merchant and singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Todd Long with both artists being industry regulars of some 30 years standing. Tim Mosher plays lead guitar with a number of unnamed guests helping to fill out the not inconsiderable sound of the band. To be fair, this is very good glam rock with influences from The Sweet through to L.A. Guns and Hanoi Rocks. Great guitar and superb vocals to a story that could be parody if done badly but these boys do it very well.

I rather suspect that they are all major glam/sleaze fans and this is their way of paying homage to the genre. It will be interesting to see how they follow it all up.

Headed West track list

  1. Headed West (3:27)
  2. Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Show (3:25)
  3. Miles In-Between (5:19)
  4. Never Goodbye (4:04)
  5. It’s Not Over (4:31)
  6. Try It For Love (4:22)