March 14, 2021

Some out there may recall the album Zero Four One being released in 1987 by the Scottish band Glasgow but then again a lot of you probably will not. A clever title, it is actually the dialling code for Glasgow, and the band could almost have been sponsored by the Scottish tourist board as they most definitely flew the flag for this proud and most beautiful of countries. Sadly, the band was a short lived affair but quite a few years of development went into getting the band to the stage where they released this album and then they eventually folded in the early ’90s although there have been several resurrections and there is a new, current version of the band alive and well north of the border, we all wish them well.

For those who missed out, AOR Heaven have re-released the album and what a great hard yet melodic rock album it is too. The band featured Michael Boyle on vocals, Archie Dickson on guitar, Neil Russell on bass and Paul McManus, later of GUN, on drums with keyboards courtesy of the guesting Grant Povey and Don Airey, I wonder whatever happened to him!

The liner notes by Dave Reynolds are comprehensive and most interesting as they give the full lowdown on the band and it is a real pity that this was not the springboard from them to go on to a great career as this is a most assured debut with some fabulous songs and great performances. Michael Boyle has a great voice and drives the band forward with authority with Archie Dickson playing quite splendid solos and riffs to die for. Then, of course, is the drumming of Paul McManus as good a drummer as there has ever been and he is more than ably supported by the bass work of Neil Russell. The keyboards are understated and used for effect as this is a traditional, straight forward hard rock band with melodic rock tendencies so all songs have great hooks and lots of vocal harmonies make this a most easy listening album indeed.

Of course, it is ’80s Scottish rock so if you were into bands like Heavy Pettin then you will love this and there are even passages that hint at the heavier work of Pallas too. The re-release also features a bonus in the track Will You Be Mine which was released as a 7″ single in 1988. Apparently, the CD run is being restricted to 500 copies only so if you are looking to replace your old, worn out vinyl or keen to get your hands on a physical copy then you need to move quickly, mail order through AOR Heaven only. If you do, you’ll get a great rocking album of inspired ’80s hard rock with plenty of melody and great songs from a band that really should have been huge. At least the album is available again, thanks for the memories and the best of luck in the future. If ever a band deserved a little luck then it is Glasgow.