November 23, 2023

Swedish AOR outfit Grand have announced that their second album, the appropriately entitled Second To None, will be released on 19th January 2024 via Frontiers. A first single and video from it for the song Crash And Burn are available now.

A beacon of excellence even in the ultra-vibrant scene of their home territory, the powerhouse trio combines the extraordinary vocal talent of high-pitched singer Mattias Olofsson, the multifaceted Jakob Svensson (ex-Wigelius) on guitar and keyboards, plus the versatile Anton Martinez Matz on drums and bass.

They made an explosively grand entrance onto the scene in the autumn of 2022 with their eponymous debut record, Influenced by legends such as Starship, Foreigner, Toto, Mr. Big and Giant, it also resonated with aficionados of classic Scandi-AOR in marrying subtly layered instrumental tracks with a stunning production job that elevated their power and allure, while Olofsson‘s voice soared above.

Second To None is a seamless follow-up, infusing their signature sound with added depth, sophistication and captivating nuances. Standout moments include an enchanting duet between Olofsson and compatriot Nina Söderquist (a star of musicals) on Kryptonite, as well as some mesmerising saxophone interludes courtesy of Kristian Brink. Overall, the album proves that Grand is on the verge of capturing the hearts of melodic rock enthusiasts worldwide.

The group will also make their live debut at the Malmo Festival in July 2024.

Second To None

  1. Crash And Burn
  2. When We Were Young
  3. Leave No Scar
  4. Rock Bottom
  5. Sweet Talker
  6. Lily
  7. Kryptonite (feat. Nina Söderquist)
  8. Out Of The Blue
  9. All Or Nothing
  10. Achilles Heel
  11. Daze Of Yesterday
  12. How Do You Sleep At Night (Japan Bonus Track)

Mattias Olofsson – vocals
Jakob Svensson – guitar, keyboards
Anton Martinez Matz – drums, bass

GRAND online: