June 28, 2022

This America old school heavy metal began life in 2018 and released the 6-track EP Ride Out in the same year with the full debut Keepers Of The Flame coming out in 2020 which was a superb homage to all things metal and showed a band with the glorious remit of bringing heavy metal back to the masses.

Greyhawk is a wonderful and heady mixture of heavy metal with a touch of Power and American metal incorporated into their bombastic delivery. Furious drums and bass set a cataclysmic background over which twin guitars lay down crunching riffs and amazing Judas Priest type guitar solos almost (but not quite) to excess and the human air raid warning Rev Taylor bellows out with a power and strength that is incredible.

The band has now released another EP with Call Of The Hawk featuring 5-tracks of monumental metal that augers well for album number two which I would imagine we will see some time next year. The band remains the same as for Keepers Of The Flame but we now know that it is Jacquelynn Ziel who partners Jesse Berlin in their twin-pronged guitar attack. I’m guessing that Ziel is relatively new as I was a little unsure who was the second guitarist on Flame and thought it could have been Alika Madis or Enrico Marriuzzo but it may have even been Ziel. I suppose it’s not that important as the guitarists work perfectly well together which is all that truly matters. Taylor has a great voice with a sound of Bruce Dickinson, a scream like Rob Halford and with a touch of the deeper registry of Mark Shelton which constantly drives the band onwards and upwards.

The group is rapidly developing its own core sound and sits somewhere in the middle of Manowar, Judas Priest, Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol territory which makes for a very pleasing metal sound. The songs are strong and dynamic and perfectly brought to life by stunning musicianship with a very strong sword and sorcery element which can be readily seen on the bands album covers. Musically, the 5-tracks here very much follow on from the debut and show that they have a great career ahead of them in metal and I can’t wait for the second release and hope it comes soon!

Call Of The Hawk

  1. Steelbound (4:10)
  2. Call of the Hawk (3:56)
  3. Demon Star (4:07)
  4. Shattered Heart (3:26)
  5. Take the Throne (6:40)