February 16, 2021

Exist Immortal have signed a new deal with Seek and Strike Records, and release their new EP “Act Two – Gold” on 19 March, celebrating with a new single and video

EXIST IMMORTAL return with the much-anticipated Act Two – Gold EP, which is a stunning display of musical virtuosity that’s best summed up in the amazing, lead-off track, “Come Alive.” This track’s music video can be viewed below and if you are a fan of explosive musicality and layered depths of beauty, frenetic energy then look no further.

Captivating, dynamic, exhilarating and simply catchy as all hell. That what these UK progressive metal titans deliver with each track.

This new EP is a rollercoaster across the heavy metal musical spectrum. Strap in and enjoy the ride!


Meyrick De La Fuente – Vocals
Mikey Gee – Guitar
Charlie Bines – Drums 
Kurt Valencia – Guitars
David Billote – Bass

Meyrick (vocals) says this about the new song:

“Our new track, ‘Come Alive,’ is a call to action to push and be the change you want to see. It’s a reminder that you aren’t weak, you can still get up and make good shit happen even if the world is cruel and broken. The song was originally written about coming out of dark places with a renewed sense of inspiration and striving to make the most of all those moments, and build upon them. Our generation is not responsible for the vast

majority of major issues we face today, but we are nonetheless the solution whether we like it or not. ‘Come Alive’ strives to be a rallying call to get up and make something happen, either individually or collectively. The video came about because we wanted to create something that felt like it was occurring in a non physical space, like inside someone’s mind. The overall intended effect of the song and video together is to recreate the sense of a journey through a consciousness that makes you want to get up and make something happen.”


Meyrick (vocals) continues: “The EP trilogy came about because we wanted to do something that explores the stages of pushing through internal struggles. Act One – Rebirth is about coming to terms with missed opportunities and letting the past go. Act Two – Gold is about assessing what needs to be done in moments of clarity while coming through difficult times. It’s a more positive offering than Act One and continues the musical development. We hope people will get some sense of inspiration, or get some kind of renewed positivity from this.

“We continue to push ourselves musically by staying engaged with new music, across all genres. Our growth as individuals has led the development our own personal and varied tastes, which gives us the challenge of turning this ever changing set of ideas and preferences into something that’s cathartic. Coming together as a collective to create something out of nothing and capture an emotional moment is usually what drives us to evolve.”