November 26, 2021

Groundbreaker began life as a Frontiers project in 2018 with the self-titled debut being a wondrous slab of AOR/melodic rock from a team of truly inspired musicians. One of those being the awesome Steve Overland, better known as the voice of FM and his own band Overland, and if you have him in your band then you have something very special happening. Overland is another of those marvellously powerful singers with great range and authority and a soul infused voice that adds that special touch of magic to anything that he puts his name too.

The other partner was the outstanding guitarist that is Robert Säll of Work of Art and W.E.T fame with the band being completed by Nalley Pahlsson on bass, Herman Furin on drums and, of course, Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards; how could it be a Frontiers project if he was not involved in one way or another?! Together, they produced a mighty fine, smooth and slick melodic rock delight. Thankfully, the decision must have been made for this to become something more than a one-off project and we now come to the band’s second album and the mere fact that this exists is a major cause for celebration.

I suppose that it is not too big a surprise to say that there has been a small change in the group but, thankfully, the golden voiced Overland remains with the team and he even manages to expand his role by providing lead guitar on the track Wild World. Sadly, Robert Säll is no longer with the team and he has been replaced by Sven Larsson (ex-Street Talk) and he has comfortably and seamlessly slipped into Säll’s role as he is a brilliant guitarist too so this should come as no real surprise. Obviously, Del Vecchio reprises his role on keyboards and Nalle Pahlsson (Therion) returns on bass with Herman Furin (Work Of Art) also returning on drums so there is a great deal of continuity on the band and this can be seen in the development on the music and its delivery.

The song writing team has also expanded with some of the great and good in melodic rock getting in on the act which has helped the band to move onwards and upwards with their superior melodic rock sounds. Del Vecchio tickles the ivories like few can and they have brought in a class act in Sven Larsson and he drives much of the bands slick and all-encompassing sound onwards with Pahlsson and Furin further developing their hard working, symbiotic skills. Over this is the glorious Steve Overland with his sumptuous voice which remains as clear and sweet as it ever was and with him in the team then everything is well with Groundbreaker.

No prizes for guessing that the album is a temple to all things melodic with the expected hooks and huge choruses all brought to bear on some pretty intrepid and crowd pleasing power ballads and a wealth of heavier, hard rocking material too. Soul To Soul is a perfect follow up to the wonderful self-titled debut and shows a great band continuing to make great music and let’s hope that they continue to do so for a long time to come.

Soul To Soul

  1. Standing On The Edge Of A Broken Dream (4:32)
  2. Soul To Soul (4:52)
  3. Captain Of Our Love (3:53)
  4. Evermore (4:09)
  5. Wild World (4:14)
  6. Carrie (3:52)
  7. Fighting For Love (4:56)
  8. It Don’t Get Better Than This (3:38)
  9. There’s No Tomorrow (3:50)
  10. When Lightning Strikes (5:10)
  11. Til The End Of Time (3:30)
  12. Leap Of Faith (3:52)