June 8, 2024



Captivating audiences across the globe with simply a guitar in hand, MARCIN takes his signature performance style and solo-arranging brilliance to new heights on his long-awaited full-length debut album, Dragon in Harmony. Set for release Friday, September 13 from Sony Music Masterworks and available for preorder now, the album features original compositions as well as a sweeping repertoire of covers arranged by the guitar wunderkind and is co-produced alongside Dan Book. Joined by chart-topping rockers Portugal. The Man and indie singer-songwriter Delaney Bailey as well as Tim Henson and Ichika Nito as featured guitarists, Marcin has assembled 14 genre-spanning tracks that coalesce into a compelling artistic statement from the Polish-born phenomenon. Introducing the album today is lead single Classical Dragon, a perfectly synced duet with Marcin and Polyphia’s Tim Henson. Featuring a rousing chorus and graceful, action-packed verses, the hook-filled track arrives alongside a new video starring the two trailblazing guitarists.

Photo: Nick Fancher

“I was born in 2000, the Year of the Dragon and I’m releasing my debut in 2024, another Year of the Dragon, so it felt like a very natural idea to follow,” Marcin says of his debut album, continuing: “The dragon is a fiery mythical beast, untamed and chaotic. And then you have this idea of harmony, which is the opposite of that. In recent years, I’ve been doing so many things but not necessarily fusing them into a whole — everything was in bits. But now I’m finally making an artistic statement that is cohesive rather than fractured. The dragon is in harmony.”

Marcin effortlessly blends melody, harmony and hand-drum-style percussion across a genre-fluid collection of original compositions and covers on Dragon in Harmony, his highly anticipated full-length debut album for Sony Music Masterworks. Opening with a set of cleverly named originals Guitar Is Dead and I Killed It, Marcin makes a daringly assertive statement about the state of the guitar and his personal journey as an artist.

“Guitar Is Dead is kind of my response to guitar purists,” Marcin says of the album opener, continuing, “It’s me saying: ‘Yeah, you’re right. Guitar is dead. Just keep doing everything that’s been done before.’ My goal has always been to show a wide-open audience that my style of performing is just another way of playing the guitar —there’s no barrier to entry.”

It’s a theme that extends to the album’s collaborators, with Marcin enlisting the talents of Polyphia’s Tim Henson on Classical Dragon and Ichika Nito on I Don’t Write About Girls as featured guitarists, turning Dragon in Harmony into a definitive manifesto for a new generation of guitar heroes. Elsewhere, Marcin taps chart-topping rockers Portugal. The Man for the alt radio-ready hit When the Light Goes and indie-pop songstress Delaney Bailey for the neo-soul-infused ballad Allergies.

Produced alongside Dan Book (blink-182, Shania Twain, Britney Spears), Dragon in Harmony also features a range of covers: Justin Timberlake, Sade and Nirvana share album space with Mozart, Debussy, and Miles Davis/Bill Evans, while Book’s studio ingenuity gives Marcin’s chops the heart-pounding impact of chart-topping alt-pop. The resulting 14-track collection is not just a showcase of Marcin’s technical prowess, but also of his innate ability to translate that virtuosity into an enjoyable, long-form artistic statement about his career and the instrument that started it all.

With accolades from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Premier Guitar and Guitar World, who named him “one of the most talented guitarists of his generation” Marcin has earned millions of followers and fans one performance at a time. Whether through his internet-breaking videos or appearances on hit TV talent shows, in a few short yet explosive years, the Polish-bred guitarist has managed to convey his solo-arranging skills across an expansive repertoire of music in mere seconds. Marcin’s virtuosic technique has garnered artist cosigns across genres and generations, from guitar heroes like Tom Morello and Paul Stanley to pop icons like Madonna and BTS’ Jungkook and even hip-hop heavyweights Timbaland and Ty Dolla $ign. Marcin launched a signature guitar with Ibanez Guitars in 2022, joining contemporaries Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Tim Henson and Ichika Nito as ambassadors for the Japanese brand. His electrifying performances extend far beyond the screen, with his first global headlining tour selling out across Asia and North America in weeks, including New York’s Gramercy Theatre and The Troubadour in Los Angeles. Marcin will return to New York on Friday, July 19, taking over Times Square for a free concert performance as part of the TSQ Live summer events series.


  1. Guitar Is Dead
  2. I Killed It
  3. When The Light Goes – featuring Portugal. The Man
  4. Cry Me A River
  5. Classical Dragon – featuring Tim Henson
  6. Smooth Operator
  7. Allergies – featuring Delaney Bailey
  8. Nardis
  9. I Don’t Write About Girls – featuring Ichika Nito
  10. Clair de Lune
  11. Cough Syrup
  12. Heart-Shaped Box
  13. Bite Your Nails
  14. Requiem