October 28, 2020

HaiG is a new British indie rock band formed by guitarist Billy Bibby, formerly of Welsh band Catfish And The Bottlemen and joined by Carl Rutherford and Joe Mooney with Freeze The World being the band’s debut release which is a short and sweet five track EP.

HaiG come across as an immediately hitting and accessible band very much in the indie/alt rock style as played by bands like The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and a little of the American bubblegum pop world of Weezer and Fountains Of Wayne. The band flirts with grunge too so they cram a heck of a lot of music and influences into the twenty minutes on display here and we’ll have a much better idea on where they fit in the rock world when the full debut album comes out. In the meantime, this rather powerful indie rocker shows a band of very capable musicians and a knack for writing heavier yet still mainstream/pop songs that have plenty of appeal.

Excellent vocals and far more guitar than I expected make Freeze The World a really enjoyable indie rocker and HaiG a band definitely to keep in your thoughts.

Freeze The World track list

  1. Never Enough (2:52)
  2. Just Like The Others (2:52)
  3. Did I Just Make You Smile (3:29)
  4. Our Times (5:18)
  5. Freeze The World (5:29)