July 28, 2021

Power metal, don’t you just love it? In nearly all other forms of art the key word tends to be restraint but the world is turned upside down when it comes to the semantics of power metal as this music demands, in true Spinal Tap fashion – everything is louder than everything else. Taste goes out of the window as the music gets bigger, louder, bolder and more outrageous with each new release. I remember thinking when I first heard Rhapsody Of Fire that nothing could ever come close to matching the band in terms of crazy, over the top theatrics but I’ve since learned that this is just the norm. The crazier the better and the music demands that simply everything is thrown into the mix and we actually feel short changed if it isn’t. The bands are legendary and we all have our favourite providers of power metal mayhem and we all wear the power metal badge as our badge of honour and with true pride. So I am a fan!

Photo: Thommy S. Mardo

Hammer King is another German band that falls gloriously into the ‘throw everything in category’ and has kept us royally entertained since the formation in 2015 with the new album, simply entitled Hammer King, being album number four and a continuation of everything that we have seen with the previous three prime examples of metal madness. The, so far stable, line-up has now been broken with bass duties passing from KK Basement to the spectacularly titled¬†Gladius Thundersword which is further proof of the craziness with the rest of the band being the usual culprits in Titan Fox on vocals and guitar, Gino Wilde on guitar and Dolph Aidan Macallan on drums and something tells me that these are not their real names but great fun all the same.

If you are indeed a power metal fan then you already know of Hammer King and will already be in possession of this molten slab of pure metal and for any others then simply invest your money on this huge and all encompassing album to see what off of the fuss is about. The album is full of powerful, epic songs with the usual fantasy lyrics, stupendous vocals and searing metal guitar makes this an album to play at maximum volume and lose yourself in heavy metal bliss.

It is not subtle but neither should it be as it is a loud and proud rock album doing exactly what is should and that is rock big style. Great band, great album and great fun.

Hammer King track list

  1. Awaken the Thunder (4:05)
  2. Baptized by the Hammer (4:02)
  3. Onward to Victory (4:21)
  4. Hammerschlag (3:21)
  5. Atlantis (Epilogue) (6:00)
  6. We Are the Kingdom (3:50)
  7. Into the Storm (3:39)
  8. Ashes to Ashes (4:10)
  9. In the Name of the Hammer (4:43)
  10. King of Kings (6:47)
  11. Holy (Outro) (0:45)