February 25, 2024

The Bay Area-based Hands Of Goro are a new representative of the NWOTHM wave, formed in November 2016 by guitarist Tom Draper (Spirit Adrift, ex-Carcass and Angel Witch-live) and bassist/ vocalist Adrian Maestas (Slough Feg). In 2020, the two recruited drummer Avinash Mittur (Nite, Wretched Stench), completing the current lineup.

As you see, these are no random musicians and their collective talent shows throughout the eight tracks in their eponymous debut. The music of Hands Of Goro is a combination of punkish attitude and edgy riffing (You Have No Face, Demonizer) and a more traditional and melodic early Eighties approach (Prince Of Shokan, 21st Century Plague). There’s also some Ozzy-era Sabbath worship in Waste Of Blood, but overall, we are talking about good old school metal with fat guitars, masterful solos and an in-your-face attitude. Hell, Uncanny could be on Manowar’s Battle Hymns! It is rightly chosen as the album’s lead single, because it encapsulates all the amazing abilities and compositional talent of these guys. I am really impressed by the fantastic sound and mastering of the album, and all praise should go to drummer Avinash (mixing and engineering) and to Justin Weis, who mastered the album at Trakworx Studio. The album finishes with two of its best tracks in End To End, featuring some face-melting guitar solos and harmonies and Archduke Of Fear, with great vocals by Adrian, a very dynamic song-structure and rhythm section, a proggy mid-song interlude with harmony guitars and a riff-tornado at the end.

Putting aside the atrocious cover artwork and band logo, Hands Of Goro is sure to become a fast-rising star among the flooded scene. They have the experience, the hunger, the inspiration and the technical ability to join the leaders in the traditional metal genre. This is among the best debut albums I’ve heard for a very long time and I strongly recommend you to dive into the thunderous world of the four-armed beast, known as Goro.


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Hands Of Goro will be out on March 1st and you can order it from HERE