May 24, 2021

Straight from the streets of Paris, four outstanding musicians made up their minds to leave their fingerprints on Doom Metal, infusing the genre with their unique and rebellious vibes. Today, HANGMAN’S CHAIR reveal their companion for this mission – and team up with world-wide leading metal label NUCLEAR BLAST!

The band states: “We’re thrilled about this new collaboration with a respectable and renowned music company such as Nuclear Blast Records. Looking forward for a brighter future, let’s see where it will leads us.”

Jerome Riera, European Head Of Label for Nuclear Blast, adds: “I’m delighted to welcome HANGMAN’S CHAIR to the Nuclear Blast family. With our label stepping up its operation in France I’m really pleased to be working with an act that represents some of the best emerging talent the French metal scene has to offer, bringing them to an international audience. Hangman’s Chair‘s forthcoming album is going to be fantastic, and I’m sure their heavy, heart-rending sound will strike a mournful chord with audiences all over the world.”

With the stunning single Cold & Distant, the band lays the foundation stone for a more than successful cooperation here. The video for this gem features Béatrice Dalle, one of the most stunning actresses of French cinema. Watch the video below.

The band continues on the song: “The words of Travis Bickle still resonate  ‘I realise now how much she’s like the others, cold and distant’. We are Travis as we are Betsy. When the World tries to cure and save you, we choose isolation. Embrace your depression and don’t complain! This first extract gives a 5 minutes snippet of what to expect from the new album. Moreover, Béatrice Dalle, who stars the Cold & Distant video, fits the suit so easily, it’s like it was made for her.”

HANGMAN’S CHAIR, formed in 2005 in Paris, are one of the most unique sounding Doom Rock bands currently active. Through the years, they have found and fine-tuned their own sonic brand, somewhere at the crossroads between Type O Negative, Life Of Agony and Sisters of Mercy, to name a few, mixed with a certain street credibility connected to the group’s roots in hardcore. Each album takes its strength and essence from the band members’ life experiences, which they portrait with unflinching honesty. Whether it is the loss of band members, drug overdoses or the hardships of living in suburban Paris, all those human emotions resonate within each of their songs as they embrace the darkness and transform it into something beautiful, heavy and melancholic.

Julien Chanut – Guitar
Cédric Toufouti – Guitar, Vocals
Mehdi Thepegnier – Drums
Clément Hanvic – Bass