December 21, 2020

Formed in Nicosia in Cyprus in 2012, Harmonize initially began life as a thrash band and has gradually developed into a heavy rock/power metal outfit that still retains some the elements of thrash in its delivery. The band has released a couple of demos and played a number of live shows but it has been a slow process getting to the stage where they are now at with Warrior In The Night being the long overdue debut release.

The band comprises of Sozos Michael on vocals, George Constantinou on rhythm guitar, Lambros Apousianas on lead guitar, Panagiotis Takkides on bass and Harrys Peratikas on drums. There are also a couple of guest appearances with Nicolina Papas supplying narrative vocals on Beyond Darkness (Outro) and Andreas Paraschos of death metal band Blynd with the growled chorus on Tonight. Together, they should all be very pleased with their work as this debut is a well planned and perfectly executed metal album that is very heavy yet retains all of the melody expected with power metal and even the use of growled vocals adds to the onslaught rather than detracts from it. Sozos Michael is a great find as a vocalist and he has all the attributes with the requisite power and range. His soaring and English delivered vocals are excellent and he is another of those front men who draw you into the world of Harmonize. Lambros Apousianas is a wonderful lead guitarist and his solos and breaks are outstanding with the rhythm guitar of George Constantinou helping to make the band’s sound huge and deadly. The drums and bass pairing of Panagiotis Takkides and Harrys Peratikas is inspirational and they switch from brutal and pounding to gentle and atmospheric sublimely. 

As with many power metal albums, the music is based on fantasy fiction and the band are still working on the full story being told and this is being further developed by the guitarist George Constantinou and London based actor Nicolina Papas. It seems that the tale will grow and develop as the band releases further material and in typical power metal format will involve epic tales of sword and sorcery, kings and queens and angels and demons. The songs are cleverly written, lyrically very interesting and the album truly rocks on at a great pace. Beyond Darkness (Outro) sees the biggest part of the story unfolding and is an atmospheric track over which Nicolina Papas begins the narration of the story arc in much the same way that Michael Moorcock weaved his magic with Hawkwind.

Harmonize has produced a truly great debut album with Warrior In The Night and this is a band that is only going to get better and better. I, for one, look forward to the next instalment of the story and I fervently suggest you check the band out too.

Warrior In The Night track list

  1. Warriors in Line (Intro) (1:51)
  2. Never Back Down (3:24)
  3. Warrior in The Night (6:05)
  4. Angel (4:04)
  5. The Astonishing End (6:25)
  6. Tonight (4:07)
  7. Crawling Among Shadows (9:25)
  8. Beyond Darkness (Outro) (6:27)
  9. Angel (Acoustic Version) (3:39)