February 25, 2023

His may be not a name that you are too familiar with but Oliver Hartmann is a German vocalist and guitarist with a real pedigree and his history includes some pretty impressive names including At Vance and guest performances with, amongst others, Avantasia, Iron Mask, Freedom Call, Edguy, the Genius rock opera trilogy as well as leading the German Pink Floyd tribute band Echoes. He has also run a very successful career alongside his ‘band’ work having released ten albums under the name of Hartmann and he has built up a glowing reputation in his native Germany as a serious rock star of repute. If you get the chance then you ought to check out his career retrospective album 15 Pearls And Gems which he put out in 2020 which shows him to be a fine melodic/hard rock artist with a great voice rather similar to David Coverdale.

The new record sees Hartmann on vocals and guitar alongside his regular band with Mario Reck also on guitar, Armin Donderer on bass and Markus Kullmann on drums and the fact that they have worked together for so long makes them a tight unit that works so well and ensures perfectly delivered hard rock. They fuse hard and melodic rock perfectly with harmony throughout with plenty of hooks to keep you wrapped up in the sound and plenty of delightful vocal harmonies and some beautifully delivered guitar solos too. There are plenty of ballads with Hartmann’s delicious voice benefitting from having a touch of grit that gives an extra touch of class to his delivery.

Hartmann has also produced the album with the mercurial Sascha Paeth of Avantasia and so many other bands in the co-pilots seat and there are a couple of guests adding to the sound with fellow Avantasia singer Ina Morgan adding backing vocals and Jimmy Kresic from Rock Meets Classic provides the keyboards which is so essential for all AOR bands. 

If melodic rock with a backbone of hard rock similar to outfits like Thunder is your music of choice then you will find much here to enjoy from a quality German musician who deserves to be much better known on our shores.

Get Over It

  1. Remedy (3:35)
  2. One Step Behind (5:02)
  3. In Another Life (4:33)
  4. What You Give Is What You Get (3:34)
  5. The Movie’s End (4:39)
  6. Just Drive (4:18)
  7. The Gun (5:09)
  8. Can’t Keep Away From You (5:20)
  9. Get Over It (3:25)
  10. Stay True To Me (4:48)
  11. When We Were The Young (4:26)