February 18, 2024

Being their seventh full length album within seven years of existence, Dreamers is another proof of the unwavering vision of band leader Trevor William Church. Of course, I am not even counting three EPs, two compilations and several one-off singles, but things seem impressive enough even without those. You all should know what to expect by know, and it is traditional heavy metal, without flashy production, keyboards, orchestrations and anything superfluous. The music of Haunt is stripped down to the very essence of the genre and thus shines with its own (and not reflected) aura.

Last year’s Golden Arm was just a little bit too predictable and safe for me, and from the very first minutes of the new album lead single Serenade, I could tell Dreamers is a different animal. Trevor has introduced some nice melancholic, atmospheric touches here and there, toning down the roughness and polishing the songs slightly. The chorus of Send Me An Angel sticks in your head immediately and the whole atmosphere of this song is something that could not be found on Golden Arm. While of course the typical Haunt riff-centered headbangers are still here (see Locked Out and Steel Mountains), the strength of the new album lies within the great attention paid to the hooks and catchiness of the melodies. The title track is another big winner as well as the closing hymn Visions. You have the tempo, the steely guitar sound, but the songs have so much more of an identity and presence now, in comparison to the ones in Golden Arm. What I’ve been trying to say so far is a simple thing – Dreamers is an album that you will reach out to much more often and rewards with repeated spins. Did I mention the better structured and more memorable solos?

Bottom line is Haunt have upped their own game once again and are not relying on past glories. The new album is as inspired as we’ve been expecting it to be and best of all – we can see Trevor and co. on their European tour starting in two weeks (check the dates below).


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Dreamers will be out on March 1st and you can order it from HERE

Haunt & Screamer co-headline tour:

01.03 Oberhausen (DE) – Helvete
02.03 Niederaula (DE) – Full Metal Osthessen
03.03 Tilburg (NL) – Little Devil
05.03 Stuttgart (DE) – Schwarzer Keiler
06.03 TBA
07.03 Prague (CZ) – Klub 007
08.03 Wien (AT) – Escape
09.03 Písek (CZ) – Heavy Metal Thunder
10.03 Selb (DE) – Rockclub Nordbayern
12.03 Osnabrück (DE) – Bastard Club
13.03 Marburg (DE) – Knubbel
14.03 Leipzig (DE) – Soltmann
15.03 Hamburg (DE) – Bambi Galore
16.03 Copenhagen (DK) – BETA