April 24, 2023

Our favorite workaholic Trevor William Church is back yet again with the seventh full-length Haunt album in less than six years. Golden Arm is coming out less than a year after Windows Of Your Heart and continues the path taken by Trevor back in 2017 – classic heavy metal, devoid of any modernisms, harkening to the glory days of the early Eighties.

Even when Haunt tries something new (like adding some synths in Mind Freeze), they never lose the plot and the true reason why the fans are worshipping the band – the guys just stay honest to themselves and to the brand they have created with those seven albums and two EPs. First single and video Fight The Good Fight is essential as to what the newcomer listeners should expect. The formula of tasty, memorable riffs and simple but effective choruses is never abandoned throughout the album, but strong compositions like the title track or Chimera justify this approach.

Haunt have widened the already crowded niche of old school heavy metal and created space for themselves, along with, even more importantly, a loyal fan-base. This is a result of Trevor’s non-stop playing and composing, organizing more and more live shows and producing some fantastic-looking band merchandise. Haunt is the best example I can think of a successful DIY approach, with more than rewarding results. Perhaps, if I were forced to express some criticism, I could say that there’s a risk of the “if you’ve heard one album – you’ve heard them all” syndrome, but Haunt are still avoiding auto-plagiarism, so this is not a big problem for now.


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Golden Arm is out on May 5th and can be ordered from HERE