March 1, 2022

Not a name known to me and not normally a genre I would spend any great time with but sometimes you just have to acknowledge how good an album is regardless of the market that it is aimed for.

Hayley Jensen is an Australian singer and songwriter from Sydney who found fame initially through Australian Idol which led her to becoming the vocalist with the alternative rock band Seasons and also with dance rock band Silver Cities. She is a most versatile singer and clever and concise song writer but it appears that her real talent is in classic American country rock with Breakin’ Hearts now being her third album to date. She has managed a fair amount of chart success already and is readily picked up and played on country music stations around the world. Being country rock then her songs are strong, moving emotional tales and all are very much easy listening and therefore very radio friendly.

Jensen has a beautiful voice and a truly inspirational delivery and reminds very much of Shania Twain and if she can get anywhere near to her success then she will be one remarkable lady. Yes, this is a country album full of emotionally charged ballads but there are plenty of up-tempo country rockers to get those toes tapping too and you will soon be singing along to her tunes with gusto. Hayley Jensen has the look and sound of the latest star out of Nashville and simply has talent top spare.

I always find it amazing that the country music always seems to find stars that have the looks and voices of angels and Jensen is the latest to add to the list; it doesn’t matter that she is from Sydney as she has truly captured the sound of American country rock and the music is all that matters.

Breakin’ Hearts

  1. Breakin’ Hearts (3:05)
  2. Shot Down (2:44)
  3. Just Gonna Party (3:18)
  4. Karma (3:14)
  5. Better Than That (2:43)
  6. Four Boots (feat. Clayton Bellamy of The Road Hammers) (3:04)
  7. Shake My Bones (3:36)
  8. Rules (3:26), Fireworks (2:58)
  9. Angel (feat. Beccy Cole) (4:19)