January 23, 2022

This came as something of a surprise as melodic rock is not a genre I normally expect from French bands with Heart Line being a new and exciting team put together in 2020 with Back In The Game being a very suave and sophisticated debut release indeed.

The band was formed by the French guitarist Yvan Guillevic, a cross genre musician and producer who some of you may know through his work with PYG, The YGAS project and the United Guitars project and he also has his own Pink Floyd tribute act in Empty Spaces. He has pulled together an exciting team of accomplished French veteran musicians with Emmanuel Creis (Shadyon, Equinox) on vocals, Guilbaud (Devoid, Shadyon) on keyboards, Dominique Braud (YGAS, EBH) on bass and Walter Français (Shadyon) on drums. The simple fact that they are all so well known to each other has also allowed them to form a special bond very quickly so much so that Back In The Game sounds like an album from a well established band with a long history rather than a group’s first release.

As is usual with melodic/AOR bands, the group has taken all things American as the reference point so you get elements of Journey, Toto, Foreigner and a delightful hint of Kansas plus there is also something of the Swedish AOR scene too which takes in bands like Eclipse and Talisman. Emmanuel Creis gives an admirable performance on vocals which excites and with just a hint of a Gallic flavour gives a sophistication that adds to the quality of Heart Line and his warmth and depth augers very well for the band.

The musicians are all excellent with some great guitar and sublime keyboards all combining perfectly to make this a thoroughly enjoyable and vibrant melodic rock delight, Vive La France!

Back In The Game

  1. Fighting To Live (4:47)
  2. One Night In Paradise (4:02)
  3. Hold On (3:52)
  4. I’m In Heaven (4:53)
  5. On Fire (3:30)
  6. Back In The Game (3:58)
  7. Once In A Lifetime (4:23)
  8. Firedance (3:50)
  9. Stranger In The Night (4:11)
  10. In The City (4:55)
  11. I Long To Rise (3:42)