July 6, 2023
Photo: Vincent Foschini.

Now this is something of a blast from the past as Heavens Edge was/is one of those bands that you expected big things from but, for a variety of unfortunate circumstances, matters never quite turned out as well as planned or hoped for.

The group was formed in Philadelphia back in 1987 and created a wave of interest but their self-titled debut was delayed until 1990 due to an incident when the bassist, GG Guidotti, was shot during a performance at the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia. A most unfortunate incident indeed which affected the band as did the changing musical environment with a move towards grunge meaning that bands playing glam/hard metal were finding it more difficult to find an audience. Slotting neatly into the Cinderella/Skid Row groove the debut showed a hardworking and up-beat band with immense talent, a great singer and a never-ending stream of searing guitar breaks to revel in.

The band split and then reformed to release Some Other Place, Some Other Time in 1998 which led to another enforced break with the band then reforming for various rock gigs including Nottingham’s Firefest in 2013. Sadly, Guidotti left us in 2019, yet another victim of lung cancer, which again delayed them but the arrival of the new bassist Jaron Gulino was the spark that was required to kick-start the band and we now, finally, have the new album before us. The rest of the band features original members Mark Evans on vocals, Reggie Wu and Steve Parry on guitars and David Rath on drums and the guys have turned back the clock to produce a seriously good hard rock album which obviously pays homage to their collective history but reworked, remodelled and revamped for the modern era. Evans shows himself a great vocalist and quality frontman whilst Wu and Parry lay down thrilling runs and Rath and Gulino have built up a remarkable partnership on a series of perfectly written and totally grooving tracks.

This is up-beat metal with that delicious naughtiness that the glam/sleaze edge imbues to the music that leaves you wanting more and it is simply impossible to sit still whilst Evans and crew showcase their incredible talents. The band has seen more than its fair share of worries but put them in a studio or on a stage then everything is forgotten other than the music and that is surely what it is all about!

It’s been a long time but Heavens Edge are back and with a killer metal album that all need to hear, enjoy.

Get It Right

  1. Had Enough (4:04)
  2. Gone Gone Gone (3:36)
  3. Nothing Left But Goodbye (3:34)
  4. What Could’ve Been (5:09)
  5. When The Lights Go Down (4:45)
  6. Raise ‘Em Up (3:31)
  7. Lives (My Immortal Life) (4:23)
  8. Dirty Little Secrets (3:23)
  9. Beautiful Disguise (4:22)
  10. I’m Not The One (4:25)