Photo: Andy Julia
June 2, 2022
Photo: Andy Julia

Enigmatic world music collective HEILUNG are proud to announce the details of their upcoming new full length Drif. The album is set for worldwide release on August 19, 2022 via Season of Mist. The cover artwork and track titles of Drif can now be viewed below. The brand new single Anoana, which is accompanied by a magical new music video, will be released soon. For a glimpse of things to come, check out the “Anoana” teaser below and the upcoming track can be pre-saved.

HEILUNG comment in their own words: “Drif means “gathering”. A throng of people, a horde, a crowd, a pack. In symbiosis with the album title, Drif consists of a flock, a collection, a gathering, a collage of songs, that much like little flames were seeking towards each other, to join, to bond, to create,  and be greater together. This album has very clearly dictated its own path. Our attempts to tame it was repeatedly fruitless and once we came to this realization, the creative flow surged forward with immense force. So much so that sometimes it felt like the songs wrote themselves. All the songs on Drif have their own stories. They have each their place and sense of belonging, with inspiration not only from Northern Europe, but from the ancient great civilisations.”


  1. Asja (5:17)
  2. Anoana (4:57)
  3. Tenet (13:05)
  4. Urbani (2:55)
  5. Keltentrauer (8:26)
  6. Nesso (7:54)
  7. Buslas Bann (5:03)
  8. Nikkal (3:04)
  9. Marduk (8:34)

HEILUNG previously announced new European Tourdates 2022 and 2023. A list of all confirmed shows can be found below


HEILUNG Summer Festivals 2022

  • 02 Jun 22 Gdansk (PL) Mystic Festival
  • 10 Jun 22 Nickelsdorf (AT) Novarock
  • 17 Jun 22 Dessel (BE) Graspop Festival
  • 23 Jun 22 Clisson (FR) Hellfest
  • 26 Jun 22 Spálené Porici (CZ) Basinfirefest
  • 02 Jul 22 Helsinki (FI) Tuska Festival 2022 (Exact date TBA)
  • 19 Aug 22 Borre (NO) Midgardsblot 2022 (Exact date TBA)

HEILUNG European Tour 2022

  • 26 Oct 22 Copenhagen (DK) Forum Black Box
  • 28 Oct 22 Stockholm (SE) Annexet
  • 30 Oct 22 Helsinki (FI) Black Box
  • 04 Nov 22 Prague (CZ) Forum Karlin
  • 06 Nov 22 Leipzig (DE) Haus Auensee
  • 08 Nov 22 Zurich (CH) Halle 662
  • 11 Nov 22 Brussels (BE) Cirque Royal
  • 13 Nov 22 Berlin (DE) Tempodrom
  • 16 Nov 22 Bochum (DE) Ruhrcongress
  • 18 Nov 22 Paris (FR) L’Olympia
  • 02 Dec 22 Budapest (HU) Barba Negra
  • 05 Dec 22 Ljubljana (SI) Hala Tivoli
  • 07 Dec 22 Frankfurt (DE) Jahrhundert Halle
  • 14 Dec 22 Stuttgart (DE) Liederhalle Hegelsaal
  • 18 Dec 22 Munchen (DE) Zenith

HEILUNG Tour 2023

  • 08 Jan 23 Rouen (FR) Le 106
  • 10 Jan 23 Metz (FR) La Bam
  • 12 Jan 23 Tilburg (NL) 013
  • 14 Jan 23 London (UK) O2 Academy Brixton
  • 17 Jan 23 Manchester (UK) Bridgewater Hall
  • 19 Jan 23 Dublin (IE) National Stadium
  • 22 Jan 23 Glasgow (UK) Barrowland
Photo: Andy Julia

HEILUNG means “healing” in the German language and this also describes the core of the band’s sound. The listener is supposed to be left at ease and in a relaxed state after a magical musical journey that is at times turbulent.

HEILUNG reach far back in time to the Northern European iron age and Viking period to create their sound experience. The band utilizes many means in their songs: from running water via human bones, reconstructed swords and shields up to ancient frame drums as well as bronze rings. It’s difficult to categorize a band that uses such a variety of influences, traditions, and instruments to create immersive soundscapes. Thus, the band has described their own music as ‘amplified history’ to befit their sounds. 

When HEILUNG self-released Ofnir in 2015, the Danish band could hardly have anticipated the breakthrough success of their debut album. Spectacular live shows, strong critical acclaim, and a massive underground buzz added to the constantly high demand for this full-length are the reason why their new label Season of Mist did not hesitate to re-issue Ofnir in several collector’s edition formats. HEILUNG‘s live album, LIFA (2017) was released in parallel.

The visionary three-piece continued gathering praise with their latest full-length Futha, released in 2019 which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Heatseeker charts and #4 on the Billboard World Music Charts in the United States, placing on a total of seven Billboard charts within the first week of its release. For the single Norupo a music video was filmed at the Neolithic standing stones at Les Menhirs de Monteneuf in France, which can be viewed below.

The band’s music has been widely used in pop culture and transcends the traditional genre boundaries in music. Not only did leading television broadcaster HBO use their music in the trailer for the hit series Game of Thrones, HEILUNG‘s sounds can also be heard in series like Vikings and Ragnarök on Netflix. 

Furthermore, the group has been collaborating with game studios for the soundtrack of several mainstream video games. In 2020, gaming company Ninja Theory and HEILUNG started to work on the soundtrack for their upcoming game, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. The announcement trailer for the new game features HEILUNG‘s song In Maidjan, which is taken from their debut album, Ofnir. Watch the trailer.

Later, HEILUNG was invited to join in another video game collaboration with MY.GAMES and Booming Tech for the new season of the Conqueror’s Blade video game, VII: “Wolves of Ragnarok. Here is the trailer for the game, featuring the track Galgaldr,

While the world came to a stop during the pandemic, the three-piece retreated in the studio to write and record upcoming album Drif. In the band’s fashion, they sought for forgotten songs, made ruffling leaves into instruments and wrote lyrics spreading messages of love for each other and respect for nature. Drif will be HEILUNG‘s most immersive and successful work to date. 

Kai Uwe Faust 
Christopher Juul
Maria Franz

Guest musicians:
–    Annicke Shireen, Emilie Lorentzen, Mira Ceti, on track: 1, 2, 3 and 8
–    Jacob Hee Lund and Nicolas Schipper on track: 1, 2, 3 and 7
–    Ruben Terlouw, Pan Bartkowiak, Marijn Sies, Gwydion Zomer, Isabella Streich, Martin Skou, Samiye van Rossum, Nadia Kalamieiets, Edward Boyter, Nina Cornelia Schilp, Mitchell Bosch, Gwydion Zomer and Katalin Papp on track: 2, 4 and 5
–    Vilja Christine Agger, Ea Christine Agger and Michael Berberian on track: 3

HEILUNG online: