August 17, 2023

Hell In The Club is an old-school hard rock band that is made up of members of Elvenking and Secret Sphere which proves that all musicians enjoy a holiday away from their main bands and relish the chance to get down and boogie and do a little headbanging at the same time.

The musicians put the band together in 2009 with the wonderfully titled F.U.B.A.R. being album number six with the name originating as a military acronym which most of us know and can associate with in these crazy times. The band has changed a little since the early days and now comprises Davide Moras (Elvenking) on vocals, Andrea Buratto (Eternal Idol/ Secret Sphere) on bass, Marco Lazzarini (Secret Sphere/Archon Angel) on drums and the respected session musician Andrea Piccardi on guitar. All elements and references to progressive metal and folk metal are definitely thrown out of the window as the team indulge in a little sleaze rock combined with more traditional heavy rock so what you have is a high-octane bump and grind, party metal with definite influences takes from the US scene as offered up by the likes of Motley Crüe, Skid Row, W.A.S.P. and Alice Cooper.

F.U.B.A.R. is a straightforward rock album designed to be played as loud as possible and probably best with a large drink in hand as this is music designed for the denim clad metal fan and ideally suited for dark and seedy rock bars around the world. Indeed, the band pretty much showed its influences on the Kamikaze – 10 Years In The Slums EP which they put out last year which featured some new tracks and a couple of covers with pretty neat versions of the Alice Cooper song He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) and Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) from W.A.S.P. which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Hell In The Club!

The new album is a continuation of the fast and frenetic hard rock that the band has served up on all of the previous albums and if you like them then you will be delighted that they deliver more of the same here and why change when they are having so much fun and it all works so very well?

F.U.B.A.R. is another of those fine hard rock albums that would have been equally at home in the 1970s and 1980s as it is today and we rock fans know what we like and we sometimes need highly infectious and totally uncomplicated riff heavy hard rock to unwind to with F.U.B.A.R. fitting the bill nicely.


  1. Sidonie (3:16)
  2. The Arrival (3:49)
  3. Total Disaster (3:35)
  4. The Kid (3:42)
  5. Best Way Of Life (4:26)
  6. Cimitero Vivente (3:38)
  7. Sleepless (4:08)
  8. The End Of All (3:43)
  9. Undertaker (3:17)
  10. Tainted Sky (4:19)
  11. Embrace The Sacrifice (4:00)